two little fish…..

well, actually one little fish.

a year ago we got the boys each a fish to replace the lovely Beta fish that died after 3 years of living in our little aquarium. they were just regular goldfish…an orange one for Jack. and a white one for Kyle. well….three days later the white one was, um, sleeping upside down. so hubby ran to Petco to get another one. i had no idea why the little white one died….but after a few days, the new white fish died too! we didn’t get a new one, but a few days later, Kyle won one at the school fair. so we put it in the fish tank with the orange one. then i noticed the orange one being very aggressive. i figured out that it bullied the other fish till they died. so we got another tank and put the new carnival fish in it.
about 6 months later the carnival fish was also sleeping upside down. man, why can’t we keep these things alive. but i really didn’t like cleaning two tanks, so we never got a new one.
so, the other day i was hanging out with my little Kyle.
Kyle: “mom, i really need a pet.”
me: “you do???”
Kyle: “yes, because Jack’s fish always eats mine.”
me: “well, we can’t get another one, because he will eat that one too. how about if you share Jack’s fish.”
Kyle: “how ’bout if you get me a fish with big teeth, then it can eat Jack’s fish, and then i will have a pet.”
me: “oh, hmmmmm, i guess that could work. let’s ask daddy first.”
wow…that kid says the silliest things. he’s always thinking. maybe he remembered about the Piranhas we saw at SeaWorld. maybe i should take him to this movie….TOTALLY KIDDING.

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