this morning…

as i was busy this morning preparing the game for my oldest son’s class party, my littlest came up to me crying that daddy said he could not wear his pj’s all day. afterall, how could that be fair if mommy gets to? yes, i have been confined (by choice) to wearing pajamas all day, and only throw on clothes when I absolutely have to.

i pray every morning on my way to the elementary school, that I will not be pulled over by a cop, because if i did, he would see me in all my beauty (i am being sarcastic). and a few times i have been pushed to full panic mode when i drop off my oldest at school and he refuses to get out of the car at the school’s curbside drop off. “I want you to walk me in” he yells. then i give him a kiss and quickly remind him that all his friends will get to see how beautiful i am if i walk him in. he then jumps out of the car and runs into school.

so here we are, my littlest and i in our pajamas. it is 10:30. i am feeling guilty. but then again…what good would putting on our clothes be.


  1. Shut up…I can’t imagine you being anything but a cute pregnant girl!

  2. Have you ever heard of photoshop LOL!

  3. You’re so funny with the fat thing. You look great! Your Christmas card proves that!!

  4. Ha ha! I am glad I am not the only one! I am so happy that Jack is out of school for 3 weeks. Now I never have to get dressed. Besides I have no clothes because I am getting so fat (i mean pregnant).

  5. Oh and I forgot to mention, there are days when Tre and I don’t get out our pajamas for quite some time. For me, it’s when he goes down for his nap around 11ish, for him it’s when he wakes up from his nap which can sometimes be 2pm.

  6. you crack me up!!! I especially love the comment you give Jack about you walking him in. So funny!

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