The last two days.

i never would have thought i would be saying this, but i am so happy that school is starting this wednesday (insert Hallelujah chorus here). i don’t know if it’s because we have been having so much fun this summer, or if it’s because i am tired or what, but the kiddies have been acting up! i am pretty sure that a little more structure will solve that problem. however, i do enjoy the freedom of summer and summer fun. but i think we need our 8:00 bedtimes back and no more lazy mornings.

anyways, things are looking up around here. i am looking forward to reinventing myself. and am in the process of cleaning out, throwing out and organizing all of Jill Parkin Designs. 11 years of supplies, samples and paperwork has really built up. i’m ready for a change, and hope that this process will lead to better productivity, and less time trying to find my way through the build up. more time to work on projects i have been dreaming up, and more time with the hubby (since a lot of my work is done after the kids are sleeping).
so…in two days i will have a 2nd grader. time flies way to fast. no way to stop it. sometimes i ask him to stop growing up. but always receive the same answer: “mom! everyone always get’s a new age.” and you should see baby. he’s growing so fast you can practically see him growing. sighhhhhhhhhh….what’s a mommy to do.
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