sandy toes & popsicles giveaway!

okay, so i know this blog has been a little blah lately. with school starting and having a lot of deadlines i have had no time. and just when i was doing a “time-out for mom” series. i need to listen to my own words.
and it’s about time i did another giveaway. as promised, i wanted to give away something for pampering ourselves. just a little treat. i have thought long about this, and just couldn’t seem to decide. because my readers are all over, i didn’t want to limit the prize to a place in the OC.

then i thought about one of my favorite places to go when i need a break, some inspiration or just something unique and artsy. it’s etsy. and since i am on the computer a lot, it is right at my fingertips. and for anyone who doesn’t know what etsy is, it is a website where crafters can sell handmade and vintage items. there are so many fun things that i could treat myself with! here are some of my favorites!
cute slippers
camera cases
mustaches on a stick
so for this weeks giveaway, i am giving a $20 gift card to etsy. yeah!!!!!!! and promise me you’ll spend it on yourself.
to win, you can leave up to 5 comments below on things you do to pamper or relax yourself. and if you want to subscribe to my blog you get an extra entry! first subscribe, and then put subscriber in the comment field. and if you already are a subscriber, you can put subscriber in the comment field as well. contest will end saturday!
thank again for reading sandy toes & popsicles! good luck in winning!


  1. Anonymous says

    I get a coke!But the newer one the “Coke Zero” which i think i have become addicted to!now thats a treat!

  2. Anonymous says

    i go to golden spoon!

  3. Anonymous says

    i go to jill’s house:)

  4. Anonymous says

    i go get my hair done!

  5. Anonymous says

    i just go running!

  6. Betsy Miller says


  7. Betsy Miller says

    surf the internet

  8. Betsy Miller says

    play sudoku

  9. Betsy Miller says

    watch trashy mindless television

  10. betsy miller says

    drink a big old diet coke…

  11. call friends to catch up

  12. Get a pedicure!

  13. I take naps

  14. I eat chocolate

  15. “table for one” (out to eat by myself) with a good book. (that’s my favorite)!

  16. write in my journal

  17. sit in my front room with a diet coke and look out at the view (of our huge tree) from the window.

  18. long quiet bath

  19. sees candies

  20. listening to a meditation Cd and napping to it

  21. Hang out on the beach, close my eyes and listen to the waves

  22. Riding my bike. That might sound weird but I love how it releases stress.

  23. pedicure with a friend

  24. take a bath

  25. take photographs of pretty things!

  26. take time to read.

  27. call a college friends and chat about everything and nothing.

  28. wander target ALONE! (dangerous)

  29. use my trader joe’s sugar scrub.

  30. first off, I subscribe already!

  31. I like to eat sees candy!

  32. Take a long shower (while the hubby is in charge of the kids)

  33. A pedicure and manicure

  34. Get a nap in

  35. Take myself out to sushi

  36. Quiet time

  37. I wish I exercised!

  38. I call someone and talk

  39. I shop, by myself

  40. i subscribe!!

  41. read a book…uninterrupted

  42. have my husband give me a foot massage

  43. pedicure for sure

  44. go on a girls night out!

  45. taking a nap is KEY!

  46. Go to the Beach

  47. Lay out by the pool

  48. Make desert or cook dinner

  49. take a walk along the beach, smell the sea air and listen to the ocean

  50. Go to the gym

  51. Drink a big glass of wine!

  52. subscriber

  53. read blogs of friends and family

  54. eat dinner out using a coupon (not stessed that I spent too much)

  55. go to the movies

  56. play card games

  57. read multiple books to my kids…my pick, not theirs

  58. play tennis

  59. go shopping, with nothing to buy…just look

  60. take the dog for a walk

  61. go out with girlfirends for dessert

  62. read a book

  63. go for a run

  64. pedicure

  65. eat an almond snickers

  66. go shopping

  67. take a nap

  68. ask hubby to give me a foot massage 🙂

  69. get a massage

  70. get a facial

  71. read a book

  72. subscriber

  73. Joan says

    i rub my feet with a mint scrub & relax in my rocking chair for 10 minutes.

  74. I take a nap

  75. a pedicure

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