rain, rain, go away.

last week, the news reports kept predicting a full week of rain. now, i am not a fan of rain. the only time i like it, is during the middle of the night when it is nice and quiet. i love listening to it patter on the roof. and that is the extent of my liking rain.

i do not like taking the kids to school in the rain…especially when they insist on me walking them in. (last year I fell holding my two year old, flat on my face and ripped the knees of my expensive jeans open. don’t worry, i protected the baby…he was just fine.) and, never, ever try to go to Costco in the rain. believe me, it is an experience you can miss. and don’t forget, the kids are stuck inside all day. and even when it does stop, the grass is all muddy and gross and they track mud all over the house.

okay, enough of my whining. we need the rain this time, so i am going to post some fun thing to do on rainy days. so stay tuned!

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