Not what I expected…

these last two days have been slightly miserable. out of nowhere baby has come down with a terrible cough. i never had a baby get a cough. i don’t even remember my older two getting coughs. he sounds like a seal.

and on top of that, i have some weird head cold with a sore throat. and guess what……a migraine on the side! so to say the least, the last two days have not been too fun. and if you have heard baby cry….you might actually feel sorry for me, hee hee. it’s the most unusual high pitched squeal. even doctor commented about it when he was born. and even left the room after an hour of his screaming (that skin-to-skin thing wasn’t baby’s favorite). my sister says he sounds like a pterodactyl….i guess she could be right. but who has ever really heard one?
so after the hours of baby’s high pitched screaming…i was unable to do my laundry week posts! so sorry…i promise to get to them. but there are upsides to being sick….including homemade soup from a good friend. that’s the best.
in the meantime, i am brushing out my hair. it a mess of tangles. i used the conditioner that hubby came home from the store exclaiming “wow…i got this conditioner for $ .50.” but then again, what do guys know about conditioner!


  1. hi jill,
    croup is when thier barking sounds like a dog, or seal bark…thier air way is closing up…mason my 2 year old has had it twice this year…hard for them to breath…not sure if a baby can get it or not, but if they can it usually takes steroid and breathing treatments to open the airways again..hopefully its just a regular cough that will go away…good luck. scary stuff out there.

    sara blume

  2. P.S. what exactly is croop….none of my kids have ever gotten it?

  3. He hasn’t got a fever, and I went to the doctor yesterday and they weren’t much help….so frustrating. So I am taking him in today. Yes, I have been stressing out about whooping cough….but I am pretty sure he has what I have. My hubby is coming down with it now.

    We used to never get sick…..booooo! I will let you know how he feels tomorrow.

  4. if he sounds like a seal it could be croop or whooping cough! take him in and let us know how he is! I am worried about the poor boy and you! i am a school teacher and kids are dropping like flies already ….colds are DEFINITELY going around!

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