New Year’s Resolutions

i have been thinking for a while now what resolutions i would make for myself this year. i actually have never really given myself any resolutions because i never wanted to hold myself accountable for resolving them. and thinking about that now actually makes me feel kind of ashamed. i mean, am i really that weak that i can not make a commitment to myself to better my life? i guess i have always thought that if i needed to make a change, i might as well just do it right then and there, and not wait until January 1st, or any certain date for that matter. but this year, i really want to make a commitment to myself to fix a few small things in me and my family’s lives.

being pregnant and all, i really want to be careful not to overwhelm or have expectations that will be to stressful to fulfill. i need to be realistic….however not too lenient. there definitely needs to be some changes around here. so after some thinking, i think i have narrowed down my list.

my new year’s resolutions:

1. enjoy each and every moment i can with my husband, boys and the new baby when it arrives.

2. prepare healthy, quality meals for my family. (this means i need to learn how to plan and shop for meals…something i have never been taught)

3. finally finish cleaning out the garage (i will have to let go of past work projects and a lot of my kids toys which i haven’t gotten myself to throw away)

4. be frugal.

5. set up an awesome play area in my cleaned out garage for the kids.

6. redo my website (it is soooooo old)

7. organize the new baby’s room (what would motherhood be without nesting)

8. be more creative (in my activities with the kiddies, on my blogs, and in my everyday life)

9. take my family to the Skirball Cultural Center

10. simplify, organize and do laundry more often than once a month.

for now, i think i will focus on these goals, and i see no reason that i can not achieve them. even if i only do one a month. and after the baby arrives, i think i will add some more once i know how life will be with 3 kiddies.

and again…Happy New Year to you all. i look forward to another year of posts on sandy toes and popsicles. as always, i truly appreciate any ideas, comments and activities you share with me, so keep them coming!

jill, jack & kyle

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  1. Wow…you are ambitious!!!

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