My kids think I’m a cool mom….

well at least my car anyways. you probably remember this post, me being bummed about getting a mini van. and really….it is what our family needed. so FINALLY, after months of looking for the best one for us, we got one. a silver Honda Odyssey. and i have to say, i am soooo happy with it.

not only do my kids think it’s the greatest thing on earth (isn’t it funny what kids think is cool compared to adults!), but it has been great and i couldn’t be happier. i just love the self-sliding doors. my kids are always saying “mom, use the force to open my door.” they also LOVE the dvd player. and i love the cargo space, and that we can fit 8 people. yay for carpooling!
so, as of now….i am officially a mini van mom. and really, that is what i have always wanted to be.


  1. It’s always interesting to read about this type of scenario since I have always said NO WAY to the minivan.

    It’s something we are going to have to consider as our family grows. For now my BMW X5 works great with 2 kids, but I hope to have 4 and my car won’t hold 4 kids, so we’ll see as we grow what happens to be the direction we choose as far as vehicle.

  2. I resisted getting a minivan for the longest time, and now I would never go back to a regular car or truck! I am a total convert!

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