Me….the un-Boy Scout!

i am busy. we are going camping at the beach this weekend. so much to do.

my boys (the hubby included) love camping. being a mom of all boys, you would think i would have gotten use to the idea. nope. don’t love it. we tried it. having a two year old crawling around the tent all night, having a 5 year old have to go to the bathroom in the middle of the night (let alone the campground bathrooms), setting up tents, and the never ending dirt supply are not my ideas of fun.

but since they all love camping, i am out numbered. so a few years ago, i convinced my husband to buy a travel trailer. so now i am happy. they play while i stay in the trailer watching t.v., reading magazines or cooking (the only time i like to cook). i can shower the boys before bed. easy packing (everything but clothes and food are packed already), a queen size bed, and no more campground bathrooms. 

this is the first time bringing baby. i am nervous. i haven’t really attempted the beach thing yet with the baby. keep your fingers crossed that it isn’t a nightmare!


  1. let us know how it goes please! and any tips you have that made the trip better with the baby please tell us as well! good luck!

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