major guilty pleasure.

i LOVE buying new clothes for my boys. in fact, i would say that before this past year, ( i actually am really ashamed of this) i was addicted to buying cute clothes for them. they loved it, i loved it, my husband….not really. not so much because of the money, but more because of the mass quantities flowing out of drawers and closets. and due to the fact that i am horrible at doing laundry, the clothes were pretty much out of control. i wasn’t kidding when i said i only do laundry once a month. the boys actually have enough clothes to last that long.

well last year, i realized that all these clothes, although they were cute and all, were actually making my life unhappy. but they were supposed to be making me happy? i would buy things just because they were on sale, buying things i didn’t need, causing huge messes around my house. and with the economy the way it was going, and knowing that i really should be saving any extra money i had, i decided to STOP BUYING CLOTHES! and guess what? i actually did it. i am going on over a year of not buying extra clothes. i promised myself to only buy the boys what they needed, and that meant just the essentials for my oldest, and nothing for the youngest (because i have saved everything from my oldest). i have only allowed myself to buy them outfits for holidays. and for me that is just Christmas and Easter.

so i have been waiting….for what has seemed like ages for the new spring collections to come out. because i have allowed myself to get them each an outfit for Easter. plus, my oldest needs some new church clothes. so for dressy and holiday clothes, i turn to my trusty friend Janie & Jack. this really doesn’t fit in with my New Year’s Resolution of being frugal. but if you add up all the clothes that i won’t be buying……okay, i am really trying to justify this.

so i just had to share the boys Easter outfits. you know, when you wait for something so long, it is so much more exciting. i know i am being kind of silly….but believe me, NOT buying clothes is a big accomplishment in my book.

so this will be my oldest’s outfit. but the pants will have to be bought somewhere that carries slims. my boys are just too skinny.
and here is my youngest’s outfit. i am using some shorts from an old Janie & Jack line.
cute, huh? can’t wait for spring pictures. and i will now have to wait for ages to shop for cute clothes again. hope i can do it. but i have to do it.


  1. Super cute outfits!!! And good job on the not buying clothes. That’s gotta be tough!!

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