looking forward to this week…

not so much! my hubbie will be out of town for the next four weeks. can you say “AAAHHHH!” well, at least he will be coming home on the weekends. and i am hoping that this baby will not come til he is home. i mean i only have 5-1/2 weeks left. please baby, don’t come early.

so, anyways, if my posts this week don’t make sense, or if there aren’t any posts at all, figure that i am going crazy. but for now, i have some fun posts in store. i am being optimistic. i can handle this. i hope.


  1. so far so good. Only 3 weeks more to go!

  2. WOW…I would be going crazy too. Good luck Jill! I know you can do it! And I’ll hope your baby doesn’t come early as well!

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