Like father like son.

we’ve been hanging out at the beach! the best kind of OC fun. i’m just checking in to say hi! 
here is baby…and since he is already two, i probably shouldn’t be calling him that. however, i will probably do so forever, or unless i end up having another baby. but that is not in the plans….at least for now.  he and his daddy are wearing matching swim trunks. i bought these trunks for my older son when he was two years old. my middle boy wore them too. so they are sentimental to me…worn by all 3 of my boys. 
is it silly to make your husband and son wear matching clothes? i don’t know….i think it is cute.
happy day!


  1. We coordinate the boys with their daddy a lot too. Haven’t found matching trunks yet though. That could be something I may look out for. HAHA.

    I love when I see father and son looking similar, it is so cute!

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