life is good.

this week is the first official full week of school. 2nd grade is in full swing for my oldest. we’ll probably start getting homework today. i am praying it goes well. you never know.

things are so much more peaceful now. not because my oldest is gone all day at school (well…that does help), but because of the new schedule. kids need structure, and with school and the school time routine, there is structure. my little hooligans are now becoming little angels. *sigh* i sure will miss the fun summer days, but the kiddies needed a change. i can tell things are looking up.

on a side note: yesterday i rocked baby till he fell asleep on my chest. he never does that (i know!….what’s up with that? he’s only 4 months). holding a sleeping baby is the best feeling.
yes, life is good.


  1. Thanks for giving Seamus a lift this morning! I do not look forward to homework with my son. Hope it goes better this school year!

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