Laundry Week: i spy….

welcome to my piles of unfolded laundry. that’s like 7 loads of laundry. i probably have 10 more loads. i hate doing laundry. i have bought enough clothes so that i only do laundry every two weeks….maybe longer. but that is just wrong. i didn’t realized bringing another little baby into the family would create so much more laundry…but it does.

let’s play i spy. do you see baby in there! he loves to hangout in the laundry basket while i fold. but pretty soon he will be too big.

so, i decided to make this week “laundry week.” i going to have posts all week about laundry. did you know that i love to get stains out of clothing. even the really hard ones. it’s like the biggest accomplishment to finally get a stain out of something that has been tossed back into the washer for the tenth time. i will tell you how!
if you have any great laundry tips….leave them in a comment below. all of us would love to hear them.
anyways….just in case you haven’t found baby in my piles of laundry: here he is!


  1. Great tips Dawn. I never heard of the Carbona bottles. i will have to try them.

  2. Dawn says

    Yes, please do share! I am a fan of the little yellow Carbona bottles. You can sometimes get them at your grocery store, but definitely at JoAnn’s. My detergent was leaving little splashes of “grease-like” stains, but after using the appropriate little yellow bottle…presto…no stains.

    I also really like the OxyClean Max spray. If you scrub it into a deep down stain, it seems to do the trick. This works even on stubborn grass stains on white baseball pants. 🙂

  3. I have yet to properly learn stain fighting techniques. Help a sister out! There is newborn poop all over my babies clothes (and sadly even mine)!

  4. Haha! We have pictures like this when the twins were little. He looks so happy in there! It must nice and snuggly!

    I am excited to hear about your stain removing techniques!

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