Why We Love Knott’s Berry Farm Season Passes!

knotts-season-passes-benefits if you have been a reader of Sandy Toes and Popsicles over the past ten years, then you know how much our family LOVES Knott’s Berry Farm. we love the convenience of easy parking and access to the parks, the. the main reason we are able to spend so much time at Knott’s are the Knott’s Berry Farm season passes. with them, we can go to all the events that are happen at Knott’s year round. we enjoy Knott’s so much, that i am trying to convince you that you also need to get annual passes for your family. did you know a Season Pass not only provides admission to Knott’s Berry Farm all year long, but ALSO include some cool perks? it’s true….there are even more perks to having a Season Pass beyond its great value (and no blackout dates)!!!! here are some of the reason you need a Knott’s Season Pass.

Why We Love Knott’s

at Knott’s Berry Farm they call it Seasons of Fun because the offerings always change based on the season.

to start of the year, the is the Knott’s Berry Farm PEANUTS Celebration. debuting this year, it was a month long celebration of our favorite PEANUTS pals and the lovable Snoopy. there are PEANUTS inspired treats, fun photo opps, games and fun shows throughout the park.

in spring, you can head to the Knott’s Boysenberry Festival, the best time for food at Knott’s! it’s ALL THINGS BOYSENBERRY – a salute to the birthplace of the Boysenberry. it’s a month-long food festival featuring boysenberry-inspired dishes that are both sweet and savory, plus lots of fun family-friendly entertainment.

summertime means a whole lot more fun at Knott’s!

first of all, the town of Calico comes to life with Knott’s Ghost Town Alive! and if you haven’t experienced it, you need to. you can make friends with the citizens, taking part in cowboy shenanigans, solve mysteries, capture the bad guys, play games and attend the Hoe Down at sun down. my kids love it so much we went over and over.

PLUS, don’t forget about Soak City. there is more fun in the sun for Gold Season Passholders at Knott’s. this year was the debut of seven new waterslides and a great restaurant….all a big hit. so you are going to want to upgrade to enjoy this side of the park. it’s the only waterpark of this size in Orange County and is a blast!!!! 

other happenings during summer is the 4th of July celebration fireworks on the Fourth of July, and Snoopy Show at the Charles Shultz Theater….and who knows what else Knott’s has planned!

fall is the season of Knott’s Spooky Farm, the park-wide, family friendly Halloween celebration that is not-so-scary.  kids can wear costumes, and the entire family can enjoy the Halloween happenings around the park – 

PLUS, Knott’s Scary Farm….which is not part of the Knott’s Season Pass, but can be purchased

as winter approaches, Santa Snoopy and dancing lights fill the park for Knott’s Merry Farm. this is my absolute favorite time of year at Knott’s. there are nightly snow falls, festive holiday shows, Snoopy on Ice show, carolers, the Christmas Village, Santa’s Christmas Cabin and more. Christmastime at Knott’s is quite charming and special. it has become a family tradition for ours each year.
Vann with Santa at Knott'sKnott's Berry Farm CarolersKnott's Berry Farm Snow and Glow

finally, you can countdown the final moments of the year and ring in the New Year At Knott’s Berry Farm with a spectacular midnight fireworks celebration.

Knott's New Years Eve Celebration

all this plus hundreds of special memories are included with your Knott’s Berry Farm season pass!

Discounts, Add-Ons and Benefits of Knott’s Season Passes

Season Passholders receive Season Pass Benefits. that means discounts on select merchandise and food and dining throughout the park…that includes the signature Knott’s jams and preserves. you also get discounts on hotel stays and Scary farm. one of the best things about being a Season Passholder is that you will receive exclusive opportunities to attend previews of the Seasons of Fun events.

you can also add a parking pass for only $65. i highly recommend also adding the All-Day Dining pass for $105 – this allows you lunch and dinner every time you visit during the year. and for just $29.99, you can get a Season Pass Drink Plan and refresh every visit in 2019 with unlimited drink refills for one low price.knotts-pass-discounts

don’t forget about early entry. during the summer and select days throughout the year, Season Passholders receive early entry into Knott’s Berry Farm – where the park is open exclusively to Passholders. you can be one of the first in line for your favorite rides! Gold Season Passholders also receive early entry to Knott’s Soak City on select days in the summer. pony-express-at-knottsso head over to the Knott’s website and check out the Knott’s Berry Farm season pass options. if you buy now, you can visit the park once in 2019, or if you renew, you get a bring-a-friend-ticket! there are a million reasons why our family LOVES our Knott’s passes, and we hope that your family also has a chance to enjoy Knott’s Season Passes. as much as my family does. maybe you will even see us at the park one day. make sure to say “hi” if you do!

{ This is not a sponsored post. All thoughts and opinions are my own. }

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  1. Victoria Fallon says:

    We would love to go!

  2. Susan Holroyd says:

    I love that Knott’s has something for every aged member in the family! I totally love that there is rich history to share with kids as well all over Knott’s berry farm!

  3. Victoria Fallon says:

    My boy and I would love to go!

  4. Surbhi K. says:

    We LOVE the Camp Snoopy, as my kids are still small 🙂

  5. Lisa says:

    We LOVE Camo Snoopy!!!!

  6. Alida Bigham says:

    OOOh I hope we win. Will be fun to add Knott’s to our homeschool day.

  7. Terra says:

    We love that their is something for all of us, both kids and adults!

  8. My son loves the Ghost Town!! We would love to win some annual passes to Knott’s!!

  9. Megan Guess says:

    We love Knott’s because the lines arnt too long and there’s fun for all ages!

  10. Nicole M. Sanchez says:

    We love Knott’s Berry Farm! We love funnel cakes and Camp Snoopy.

  11. Linda says:

    We love knotts because we can have some fun for a few hours and not stand inline forever. My kids love hitting a few rides having lunch and of course stopping for a little candy at the candy store in our way out.

  12. Amber Romero says:

    I love all of three rides& fun games to play!! Not to mention the food, it’s a good place to take the fam to jusy have a great time!

  13. Amanda Bryant says:

    We love Knott’s and haven’t been in years! Our daughter is just now old enough to really enjoy herself.

  14. Jennifer says:

    We love Knotts!

  15. Carrie Kleckner says:

    I just love seeing all of your post! Thank you for sharing all of your finds & Family adventures. It is such a treat!

  16. Bianca Mayorga says:

    We love Knott’s, especially during the holidays!

  17. Lindsay d says:

    Wow this is amazing. Thank you! Would love to go all the time!!

  18. Katie Jameson says:

    I’m feeling lucky! Really lucky!!!!

  19. Grandma Chris says:

    Great family fun!

  20. Alisha Trapp says:

    My son and I love Jaguar and Soak City!

  21. Jon Ganahl says:

    Ghost town Alive was the most fun we had all year!! I would love tge chance to exoerience it all summer next year.

  22. I love how close Knotts is to us. And the food!!! Hello, fun bun!!!!

  23. Jasmine Hartwell says:

    I love Knotts! Especially Camp Snoopy and all the fun things in one area for smaller children, makes it so nice and convenient!

  24. Sasha Flores says:

    Knotts berry farm is awesome because it’s fun for the whole family. The funnel cake is to die for.

  25. Sophia Cobb says:

    My 18 and 9 year old loves all the rides but most of all we love the fall/winter decorations🎃🎅🏻🤶🏻

  26. Aimee Rodriguez says:

    We love Knotts

  27. Janetcrystal says:

    There are rides for all ages that both my 5 year old and 9 year old can enjoy!

  28. Jennifer kennedy says:

    We haven’t been there for several years, but my son loved the rock shop. I would love to see it at Christmas!

  29. ELAINE SOTELO says:

    Your family is so cute. Looks like fun!

  30. Sunny Fagalde says:

    We’ve never even been! Would love to check it out!

  31. Nu Do says:

    Amazing. I love Knott and my kids love Snoopy camp.

  32. Donna Larson says:

    Ghost Town in Knotts is amazing!

  33. Alice H says:

    We love the fried chicken. My kids loved the rides and shows.

  34. Shanda Isaacs says:

    Cute pics, Jill! The log ride will always be my favorite! 🙂

  35. Valerica Anaya says:

    My family loves KBF!

  36. Crystal Lyons says:

    Love the live characters in Calico Ghost Town

  37. Kailee says:

    There are a lot of things I love about knotts but my favorite is soak city!

  38. I love everything about Knott’s – it is the definition of Southern California. A good time and good eats! The transition they make from season to season is fun, you really need a season pass to get a chance to enjoy it all!

  39. Rosanne says:

    I love Knott’s, and everything there is to do there, what fun!!

  40. Itzel Vazquez says:

    What we love most about Knott’s is camp snoopy and the boardwalk, my kids are all still little and everytime we go they are so excited. The log ride is my daughters favortie when we go alone with her.

  41. Itzel Coria says:

    What we love most about Knott’s is camp snoopy and the boardwalk, my kids are all still little and everytime we go they are so excited. The log ride is my daughters favortie when we go alone with her.

  42. Nicole says:

    I haven’t been to Knott’s since I was a kid. I would love to take my family!

  43. Simo says:

    We haven’t been to Knots ever! I️ would probably be to win this and take my family!!!

  44. Amy Heer says:

    Hi! What a nice giveaway! My 9 year old would love to have passes again. We had them a year ago and just got too busy to consider renewing.

  45. Felicia says:

    This would be awesome!

  46. Jennifer N says:

    I haven’t been to Knotts in forever! If I win, I will let you know what I love the most! 😉

  47. Becky Curry says:

    So much fun and my daredevil daughter LOVES the roller coasters!

  48. Karen Krajewski says:

    We would love to go as a family. My kids have never been there.

  49. Kristy Hurt says:

    This would be so fun to win. My kids would love to go.

  50. Sarah Doyle says:

    I used to love the funnel cakes and the boysenberry hard candy drops when I’d go there as a child.

  51. Stephanie says:

    We visited for the first time last year for California History Day. As a homeschool momma I love when history comes alive and I see that interest spark in my kids. Knotts was the perfect place to see this happen for my boys. They’ve been asking to go back for the train ride ever since!

  52. Melissa says:

    My kids have never been to Knott’s and I’d love to take them!

  53. Patty Erickson says:

    It’s been four years since we took the granddaughters. I would love to go during the Berry Festival-that looks yummy! I have several girlfriends who go to get their steps in…that would be good but gotta go on the coasters!

  54. Karen Craven says:

    Thank you for yet another fantastic giveaway

  55. Miranda H says:

    My boys would love this!! Our family loves Knott’s Berry Farm!

  56. Melanie Morin says:

    I love soak city and knott’s scary farm!

  57. Briana says:

    I grew up going to Knotts Berry Farm! I love the atmosphere!

  58. Tracey Mayebo says:

    I love all the family memories that can be made there. We love spending the holidays at Knott’s and spending a nice summer day at Soak City. We haven’t been in a few years, but would love the opportunity to make more memories 😀

  59. Casie T says:

    I loved camp snoopy as a kid & would love to experience this again with my 2 little ones 😃

  60. Lisa S. says:

    We would be most excited to check out everything since I haven’t been since I was a teenager and my boys have never been yet.

  61. Lori Kiesser says:

    My grandkids would LOVE passes. Maybe their Nana would, too. 🙂

  62. Sommer says:

    I love that knotts is affordable for families

  63. Sarah says:

    Mmmmm… funnel cakes topped with boysenberries and ice cream.

  64. Reyna Gonzalez says:

    I would love to go with my 3 little monkeys

  65. carey says:

    We would love this opportunity to win season passes and make some family memories. Thank you! We love Knott’s Berry Farm!

  66. Michele sonnier says:

    Yummy food, and cozy park

  67. Michelle Thompson says:

    Knots is very family friendly

  68. Lisa says:

    We went for the first time this past year for a friends’s bday and the girls had so much fun at camp Snoopy! They’ve been asking to go again!

  69. Nicole says:

    My kids have never been, and I would love to take them.

  70. Betty Mikesell says:

    Haven’t been in years. We love Knott’s

  71. Ashley K says:

    I love Knotts! Every time I go I have to bring home a boysenberry pie and make a stop at Mrs. Knott’s restaurant for the fried chicken and those biscuits!

  72. I love Knott’s Merry Farm!!!

  73. So much to love there. The Snoopy shows! And the food!

  74. Mai N says:

    My son and I went there few years ago. He wasn’t tall enough to ride many fun rides. I would love to take him now since he got taller. Great blog article. This got us excited to go again.

  75. Laura Fabian says:

    We love Knott’s Berry Farm! Reason number one…funnel cake! 🙂 We have young kids, so Camp Snoopy is perfect for our 5 and 3 year old.

  76. Luz says:

    Knotts Berry Farm is so neat to visit especially during Christmas.

  77. T.F. says:

    Knott’s will be so much fun to go to throughout the year!

  78. Devon F says:

    We love the rides!

  79. Amber says:

    I absolutely love Ghost town. So much history there! What a wonderful way to create memories as a family, learning, exploring and having fun!

  80. Anne N. says:

    I like all the roller coasters and the delicious food.

  81. DENISE R says:

    I loooooove the Log Ride and funnel cake!

  82. Bernadette S. says:

    I love the Ghost Town area and the old western feel!

  83. Estefania C says:

    I love Knotts Berry Farm!! Best place ever!

  84. Christine says:

    I haven’t been since I was a teenager, but would love to share with my three kids a place I used to love to go growing up! The log ride used to be my favorite!!

  85. Heather S says:

    I’ve haven’t been yet! 🙂

  86. Yvette chavez says:

    I love camp snoopy

  87. Dina says:

    Fun for all young and older children!

  88. Lisa says:

    Fun for everyone!

  89. Elis Brockway says:

    Soak City

  90. Love Knotts!

  91. Amber ledergerber says:

    My kids have never been. This would be amazing!

  92. Maryline Diamond says:

    Would love to win! My kids would love it!!!

  93. Carrie says:

    Our whole family loves Knott’s, especially during holidays! My sister and her family have passes, we’d love to get them too so the cousins could hang out more!!

  94. Julie G says:

    I love that in many ways, Knotts hasn’t changed since I was a child. They still have the guy in jail that you can talk too, and the train ride is the absolute best! These are fond memories I have from when I was small, and now I get to experience those with my kids!

  95. Jenny C. says:

    Everything boysenberry!

  96. Maryam says:

    Knotts is the best during holidays! ❤️ That place!

  97. Michelle Zubiate Ferchaw says:

    My kids would love it!

  98. Bridget says:

    I love that Knotts is smaller than other amusement parks and more relaxed. There are rarely crowds. I would love this!! I cannot afford a pass anymore and miss making memories here!

  99. Melanie Wilson says:

    What a wonderful giveaway!!!! We love knots during the holidays!!!!

  100. Sally says:

    Would love to be able to go and visit for my first time

  101. Genevieve Larson says:

    Enjoyed reading your blog post. What a fun time was had by all.

  102. Kristi Petree says:

    We have never been!!!

  103. Looks like fun!

  104. Amanda Deno says:

    I love all the historical stuff still there mixed in with all the fun! Knott’s is a blast, haven’t been in ages!

  105. Jen F. says:

    We miss Knott’s Berry Farm! We had passes years ago, and the kids had a blast. They’re a little older now, so that means new rides to try! Would LOVE to win passes!!

  106. Monika Baptista says:

    Ghost Town Alive

  107. Veronica Aguirre says:

    We would love to have passes. My kids really enjoy Knotts Berry Farm.

  108. Lauren says:

    I like the Western theme and the ice skating show in the winter.

  109. cas says:

    We love the rides!

  110. Kyla Armstrong says:

    Everything 😀 Definitely all the delicious food and the great holiday celebrations.

  111. Jaime Jenkins says:

    Boysenberry everything!! And the log ride!!!

  112. Katy says:

    I love water parks!

  113. Anna L. says:

    Love Camp Snoopy, Calico Ghost Town, Mrs. Knott”s fried chicken and boysenberry treats.

  114. Goldie2 says:

    Love to visit the park during holidays..

  115. Megan McClain says:

    I love the FOOD!

  116. Danielle Penz says:

    The food! Everything! yum!

  117. Jill says:

    We’ve never been but it looks like so much fun!!

  118. Donelle Anderson says:

    Knotts has lots of fun things to do. My kids love Camp Snoopy. I like the treats. Haha.

  119. Raeleen perez says:

    I love knotts during the holidays

  120. Vanessa Gambino says:

    I love their family friendly rides for the children.

  121. Elisa Hernandez says:

    I like all the quarterly festivities they put on.

  122. Rachele Mulcahy says:

    I missed the boysenberry festival last year, but I love all things boysenberry!!

  123. Erin M says:

    I’ve never been but my niece and nephew love it.

  124. Noirin says:

    So many fun memories at Knotts!

  125. Lisa Thompson says:

    Have been taking my son there since he was a little boy. We love that place.

  126. Rachelle Paris says:

    I love the holidays at Knotts…especially the ice skating show!

  127. Marie Loreto says:

    Hopeful! Haven’t taken my boys yet!

  128. Teri Martinez says:

    Knott’s merry farm is the such a fun time to visit.

  129. Sarah says:

    Such good value and something for all ages

  130. jung says:

    great for toddlers

  131. Christina Carrillo says:

    My boys and I love Camp Snoopy!

  132. Monica says:

    Never been!

    Just as a side note, sharing contests and tagging friends on contests is not allowed under facebook TOS.

  133. Jenna C says:

    We live so close but I haven’t been in years. I would love to go soon.

  134. Heather Talley says:

    We love visiting the chicken restaurant with family!

  135. Kelly Morgan says:

    Haven’t been to Knotts in over 10 years but would love to take the kids! Especially during the holidays!

  136. Jennifer Reighter says:

    I love that Knotts has a mix of the kids rides and thrill rides for my older kids. Plus they do a great job during the holidays.

  137. Love it there for Christmas- it’s on our Christmas bucket list !

  138. Tracy Gifford says:

    We just moved here, and I would love for my kids to experience how much fun we could have as a family at Knott’s!

  139. Cachét J says:

    What amazing memories! I’ve been going to Knotts since I was a teenager, during the Kingdom of the Dinosaurs days 😂 Knotts has something to offer for everyone from Camp Snoopy, holiday celebrations, fun rides, and we can’t forget Knotts Chicken House!!!

  140. Tamara Pereira says:

    Knott’s passes would be a great Christmas gift

  141. Vanessa Montoya says:

    I would love for my children to get the opportunity to experience all the fun rides and seasonal events that Knott’s has to offer 👨‍👩‍👧‍👦

  142. Lett Robertson says:

    Wow great giveaway! I would love to take the kids at Christmas time!

  143. Amelia says:

    We love the classics! Calico Mine Ride and Log Ride. My boys and I also love anything boysenberry 😄

  144. Luis A Mercado says:

    I love Merry Farm. The holiday season is so special to me.

  145. Danielle Teslevich says:

    My boys and I would love to join our friends at Knott’s! Thanks for the opportunity!

  146. tanner villanueva says:

    I hope I win the season passes because I love love knott’s it is my favorite theme park in the whole world. secondly,it would be nice to surprise my mom with one because she loves knott’s just as much as I do and when I was younger we could never get one so now it would be a nice surprise for her.

  147. JJ Wong says:

    We love the food! The fried chicken is the best. We also love the boysenberry jam and other products. We always get the funnel cake. We buy the Knott’s pancake mix and hard candy sticks before we leave the park.

  148. tammy s says:

    I love the snoopy on ice show during the holidays! Kids have so much fun!

  149. Alex Bernstein says:

    I love the Calico Saloon Show

  150. Gretchen E says:

    *I* love the funnel cake…The kids LOVE Soak City.

  151. Awesome post. I haven’t been in over a decade. It looks like I have to go during the Boysenberry Festival!

  152. Kayley says:

    I haven’t been to Knott’s Berrys Farm, but I expect I’d like the Thrill Rides the most!

  153. Denise R says:

    I have such good memories of gowing to Knotts with my parents. Would love to make these kind of memories with my new family.

  154. Arisbeth Rivera says:

    My 3 year old son is an adventure seeker! And I love that he is able to go on most of the rides! We would love to be season pass holders! His happiness is my happiness! ♡

  155. What I like the most about Knott’s Berry Farm is the HISTORY and knowing that my Dad went there as a child.

  156. Jennifer Kennedy says:

    We haven’t been to Knotts for a long time, but I think Merry Farm would be our favorite. 🙂

  157. Christine McClintock says:

    I grew up in Buena Park and I spent a lot of time at Knott’s. I love taking my kids now because it brings back great memories!!

  158. Carrie says:

    Fun place, great blog post.

  159. I love all the memories I have, of spending days and nights at KBF with my family and friends through the years; all the dinners, rides and parties we’ve had there are wonderful!

  160. Justine B says:

    Awesome giveaway!

  161. Donna Kellogg says:

    I love Knotts Berry Farm when I was younger my favorite was the Soap Box racers so much fun love to race. I guess my old time favorite thing would be the train ride and robbery.

  162. Birdie Skolfield says:

    our fave is the Log Ride sooooo fast and fun

  163. Sandi says:

    I love Camp Snoopy!

  164. Jenny Edwards says:

    We haven’t been to Knotts in years, but would love to go now that my girls are older & can enjoy the coaster ]s & rides more

  165. We love that there is always something fun to do…Knotts Merry Farm, Scary Farm, Soak City, Boysenberry Festival…Season Passes are a great way to get the family together and get out of the house.

  166. Nicole Lopez says:

    This looks like an awesome blog…really glad my friend tagged me to see it!

  167. Tatiana says:

    With four boys – knotts or sea world passed))
    Trying to make up the mind to try something new!!!

  168. Violet says:

    I would love this!! My husband has never been and I would love to start a new tradition with our new son!

  169. would love to win this giveaways , my kids never been to Knotts before

  170. natasha lamoreux says:

    I love that all my children can enjoy going. my 18 year old loves the thrilling rides and my 9 and 4 year old love camp snoopy!

  171. Tara says:

    I’ve been going there since I was a baby (I’m 40 now!) and there is always something new & fun to do!

  172. Sounds like fun. Haven’t been to Knott’s in years!!

  173. A. Johnston says:

    My kids have never been to Knotts other than the Holiday event to see Santa. This would be amazing to be able to do with my family. With 2 special needs kids having passes is invaluable that is unfortunately out of our reach financially . This a wonderful gift to families. Thank you!

  174. Erica says:

    I have never been with my kids, but my daughter went recently for a birthday and raved about the Silver Bullet! Thank you for the opportunity to score passes 😁

  175. Marisol Medrano says:

    This is awesome!!!

  176. Joanna DeFrain says:

    I would love to win passes so I could take my kids for their first time and create some lasting memories!!!

  177. Suzy Selden says:

    I would love the opportunity to take my son and daughter. I loved Knotts as a child and would love to share that same joy with them.

  178. Jennifer says:

    I’ve heard knotts is a way better option than Disney these days because of the huge crowds there at all times.

  179. Amazing days ahead at Knott’s

  180. Yes please

  181. Would love to share with my grandkids

  182. Lori Rivera says:

    I love Knott’s! I remember going often with my grandmother and grandfather ages ago. It brings back such warm memories. I’d love to share visiting Knott’s frequently with my family. Thanks for the opportunity to win passes.

  183. The pie of course!

  184. Priscilla Malchow says:

    Our family loves Camp Snoopy, funnel cakes, Montezuma’s, the Train, the log ride, Soak City….I could go on and on all day! We love Knott’s Berry Farm!

  185. Katybeth Curtis says:

    I love the small feel of Knotts

  186. Julie I. says:

    I would love to take my kids to Knotts! They haven’t been there yet so it’ll be exciting for our family if we win this giveaway!

  187. Amands says:

    I love the train!!

  188. Viv jones says:

    We’ve never been to Knotts, but it looks so much dun’


    Thank you for this opportunity to Knotts. Haven’t been since I was a teenager and know my kids would love it! ❤️ Definitely would bring back lots of good memories. ☺️


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