it looks like…

i am going to be a mini van mom. i just can not believe it. but after a weekend of going from one car lot to another, test driving and looking at 7 seater vehicles, it seems like a mini van is the best choice for our family. and though it is not set in stone….and i am still without a car, it probably won’t be long till i am driving one. boo.


  1. yes…you guys are totally right. I never thought I’d buy a mini van, but all the cool features are really tempting. I especially like the automatic doors and the captain seats so the kids don’t have to climb over. The trunk has a lot of storage too. We are keeping our eyes out for the perfect one…so it may be a little while till we get it. In the mean time we are just borrowing my mother-inlaws van. Can’t wait to get our own.

  2. I was like you, didn’t want to go the mini van route but hubby finally convinced me that it’s the car for us. He was right, it really is the perfect car for this stage of life we’re in. The sliding doors are amazing!

    I wasn’t one of those that fell in love with the car by the time I drove it home but I do love it more and more every day. Go ahead and give it a try!

    We’d love to see photos of your new set of wheels (mini van or not). 😉

  3. What is wrong with a minivan? Are minivan moms stereotyped as stodgy and frumpy or what? I would love to have a newer minivan where the doors open/close automatically. Got to keep dreaming 🙂

  4. That could be an option….I didn’t see any of those at any of the dealers we went to. I will have to check them out.

  5. I picked a crossover for our family of 6. Ford Freestyle seats 7 and affordable. Not a minivan

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