Hoppy Mother’s Day

hoppy mother’s day to all the mommies out there. i hope that you are all having a wonderful day. you all deserve it….for all the sleepless nights, the dinners and laundry done, the teaching, the kisses and cuddles you have given…..and much, much, more. you all rock!
it has been exactly 1 year and 7 days since i welcomed my third baby into the world. what a great gift. these three boys have given me the gift of being a mommy. and it is impossible for me to imagine what it would be like not to be a mommy. it is the best thing in the world. thank you boys…..i love being your mommy.


  1. Just started following your blog! Will use your ideas as a resource for my special ed class. Maybe for my 11 year old too! 🙂

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