Happy Weekend!

yay the weekend is here! what a relief to have all the Halloween festivities done and over with. it only took me a week to clean up after it all! my apologies for the not-so-exciting posts this past few weeks. i do have some good ones coming though.

next up, the holidays…..i will be using this weekend to get organized. need to get some to-do lists going so that i can keep sane throughout the next couple months. i have 15 birthdays, Thanksgiving, Christmas and New Years all happening before the end of the year. YIKES!
also, i just have to mention how i am loving this weather. thank you mother earth for sending such great California weather in November. i even made it to the beach this week and have to say that i had more fun going this November than all of summer. it was perfect. too bad the rain is heading back very soon.
thought i’d share a photo of our afternoon at Newport Beach yesterday. the tide was low and the kiddies had large stretches of beach to run around and gather shells. most of them alive and moving…eek! perfect weather, perfect behavior from the kiddies, perfect company = one ever-so-happy momma!
happy november!


  1. We enjoyed the beach yesterday…so nice!

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