Happy Halloween!

wishing you all a fun and magical halloween from sandy toes and popsicles!

thought i’d leave you with a few of my personal trick-or-treating tips:
makes sure the kiddies have had a good meal before heading out, a full tummy means less room for sugary treats.
carry an extra bag so the kiddies transfer their candy into it as there load gets too heavy. i can not tell you have many times i have ended up filling my pockets with candy because my kiddies are crying that their trick-or-treat pails are to heavy.
leave hand held accessories at home….i.e. swords, wands, props. you will only end up carry them by then end of the night.
make sure to have the kiddies wear a light, glo stick or reflector and lay out rules about crossing streets and driveways.
explain the etiquette of saying thank you and not going into people’s houses or walking on people’s grass.
go with neighbors and take pictures! and most of all have fun!
happy halloween!

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