yes, i am failing my New Year’s resolution of cooking good healthy meals for my family. why is it so hard??? yesterday i wandered around the grocery store for almost an hour, looking for something for dinner, and never even figured out what i was going to make. and you know what i ended up making…eggs! well i guess it was healthy, but i wouldn’t call it a dinner.

i need help. help with shopping and a meal plan (i constantly look for good recipes, but everytime i try one it turns out terrible). do you guys do a meal calendar? what kind of dinners work for your family? i am pretty much limited to tacos, grilled cheese and soup (not the fancy sandwiches and canned soup), and chicken (the rotisserie kind from Costco).
please, please send me some good recipes. email me puh lease!!!!!


  1. My little guy is pretty picky with what he eats so I usually end up doing two different meals, one for my hubby and I and then something for my son (we haven’t been able to accomplish the eating together as a family thing yet since my son eats at 5:30pm-ish and my hubby barely gets home from work at that time).

    I would LOVE to see what others are making for meals as I too struggle with making meals that work for all of us.

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