don’t get burned.

you don’t want your kiddies to get sunburned this summer. take the proper precautions by following the guidelines below.
pre-apply pre-apply sunscreen at least 20 minutes before sun exposure so it has time to absorb into your skin.

re-apply re-apply every 80 minutes and after swimming or sweating excessively.
layer properly if you’re going to be wearing makeup, apply sunscreen first so it is the bottom layer directly on the skin.
be generous about 1 ounce of sunscreen (a “palmful”) should be used to cover the arms, legs, neck and face of the average adult.understand labels look for products with an effective broad-spectrum sun-blocking ingredient, such as Parsol 1789, and a minimum of SPF 15. products labeled “waterproof” may provide protection for at least 80 minutes even when swimming or sweating. “water resistant” products may provide protection for only 40 minutes.

don’t use old sunscreen check the expiration dates on bottles of sunscreen you’ve had for a while. exposure to extreme temperatures can shorten sunscreen’s shelf life, too, so it’s safest to buy a new bottle every summer.
no excuses if cream sunscreens feel too heavy, try a gel or spray, which is quick to apply and very light, making it great for kids and active adults.
apply under clothes you may think wearing a t-shirt when swimming provides protection, but a wet t-shirt actually only has an SPF 4. make sure to apply sunscreen even under clothes.

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