dinner dilemmas: solved.

one problem i have had with my boys for sometime now, one in particular, is with dinnertime. it doesn’t matter what i make, even if it is his very favorite food, he throws a tantrum. besides being that time of day when the kids just seem to get rambunktous and i can’t wait for the hubbie to come home an rescue me, i know that he is throwing these tantrums just to fight me. and lately these tantrums have turned into hour long screaming fits and throwing food up in the air. i had had it!

so when i have problems like these, and am not quite sure what to do, i always turn to my friend Faye. do you remember when she guest posted on my blog a while back? she is wonderful. and is now starting here own website. anyways, she told me to make a weekly dinner chart and write down what was for dinner every night of the week. that way there would be no surprises to the kiddies.

so i did, and posted it on the fridge. each kid gets to pick the menu for one night of the week, the hubbie and i get to pick the rest. i told the kids that if they complain about what we are having they would not get to pick the menu on their night the next week. seems so simple, but it totally worked. and now we are going on three weeks, tantrum free. now, why couldn’t i think of that! (i do have to tell you, that these tantrums then shifted to breakfast time. but they have quickly been resolved. and that will be another story.)

btw: i have loved these Food Face plates for the longest time. just had to post them. click here for where to get them.


  1. Oh man! These are GREAT!!! Thanks!!

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