Countdown. schools out for summer!

it was the last day of school today. it’s bittersweet. sad the school year is over….happy there is no more homework….sad that we will miss our teachers…..happy that we get to begin summertime fun! final preparations this weekend to get ready for some great activities. hopefully we will be joined by our friends this summer in our many fun adventures.

summer goals:
have fun!
create special memories with my kiddies!
live in the moment!

see ya soon. it’s time to play. off to a swim party!

happy last day of school,
jill, jack, kyle and vann


  1. Thank you Jill….that really helped. Yes I am trying to balance it all and end up doing more housework than anything and I go back to work ( as a teacher mid August ) I need to just take your advice and make the kids and hubby first!! Thank you thank you!
    As for the group of moms…we have the same thing around here…a lot of moms from our ward ( our church ) get together a lot and do things like the park, the lake, the beach and so on. I just need to be able to feel like its ok that my baby is crying and just GET OUT!

    Thank you for all you do for all of us!

  2. Don’t be so hard on yourself! I am just barely getting back into the swing of things, and with having older kids, I practically am forced to get out with the many things going on in their lives. There are many days when I don’t get a single thing done. I also get some help from my mom and mother-in-law when I need it. I have finally come to terms that I can’t do it all.

    Things are not always “sunshine and rainbows” over here, but I try to make sure that my kids and husband come first. So my house is only sometimes picked up, and there are dishes in the sink.

    I would say that something that helped me when my two boys were young was having a group of friends with kids similar in nature to mine. It is important to find kids compatible to your child to make things enjoyable. Fighting and such just makes things miserable.

    We would go to the park close by or one of our houses and talk. It’s like therapy to have grow-up talk when you are a SAH mom. We wouldn’t get all dressed up with makeup and everything was casual. The kids enjoyed being outside and so did I. I would throw some snacks in a bag and had some sand toys, a blanket and a potty chair in the trunk (makes things so much easier). My kids would get their energy out, and then take a good nap after.

    This year, I am worried about getting out with 3 kids. I am not sure how I am going to do it. But I have to remind myself that you don’t have to do big and fancy activities to make the summer fun.

    I will try an post some EASY and fun things to do this summer. Good luck with your new little one. Enjoy it!

  3. i admire you so much. i had my second baby may 26th…not far off from you….and seriously all that you get done and do with your family is amazing! even the fact that you are off to a swim party with three kids astounds me!!! if you have any wonderful tips send them my way because as of now my 2 year old daughter is getting a no fun summer because i cant handle them both at the moment 🙁 sooo sad to admit!

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