Countdown. 4 days

so…only 4 days till our summer starts. and it looks like i haven’t been keeping up with this countdown. i have missed days 9, 7,6 and 5! but i am not going to apologize. i have been busy playing goo goo and gaga with the baby, ignoring all my housework and getting ready for school to end.

i always get so emotional at the end of each school year. one, because the school year is over. and i’m going to miss all that first grade stuff, (especially that innocence the children have at this age, my sons teacher and the easy homework *wink*) and two, because he is growing up. moving on to second grade.

boo hoo, i get emotional about everything. and i have to say it is getting worse the older i get. i am such a mommy!!! but i shouldn’t. afterall….i get to wake up to these cuties every morning. yep….pretty lucky. life is good.

p.s. i am here sitting at the computer. it’s 12:47 am, and am thinking, wow, it sure is nice to have a quiet house. knowing all the kiddies and my hubby are tucked up in their beds. that i am sure lucky to have gotten a much needed nap this afternoon. which explains me being wide awake at this hour.
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