cheesy morning.

so, i guess it’s two steps forward, and one step back. going back to the regular routine this weekend has definitely helped the two older kiddies. they were actually being nice to each other again…and i saw a glimmer of my sweet angels now and again. but then someting like this morning happens and you think….how am i going to fix this.
i mean, who’s child squirts cheese all over their brother’s head right before it’s time to go to school. on purpose. to be naughty. mine…that’s who!
as for me, you can see that i haven’t quite gotten to post as much lately. i try only to write my posts while the kiddies are eating their breakfast. but now i have another one who needs breakfast. which = less time. but i wouldn’t have it any other way : )


  1. Should have made him eat it off Kyle’s hair! hahaha

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