candy overload.

the one thing i don’t like about Halloween is too much candy, and there is definitely a candy overload at my house. even though i passed back out half of the candy my kiddies got trick or treating, and we still have gobs of it. all i know, is that the faster it is gone the better.

first off, i pull out any hard candies and anything that would be good to decorate holiday gingerbread houses and cookies. this recycles and saves money during the holiday season. then, why not try some of these great ideas?

how about the candy fairy. just like the tooth fairy, the candy fairy leaves a healthy gift in exchange for all those sweet treats.

i also found these cute ideas of what to do with all that candy over at Alpha Mom’s blog. a creative november calendar, a harvest tree or Thanksgiving piñata are all great ideas. click here for her instructions.

{ images via alpha mom }

and lastly, how about the Halloween Candy Buyback program. where participating dentists will pay kids $1 per pound for the candy. they then send it to servicemen overseas. such a great idea.

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