baby bliss…

And a little bit of chaos! Yes, that’s what it’s like over here. I would have never thought that my two oldest would love their new baby brother so much. They are in complete awe…but at the same time, i would have never thought that they would start fighting with each other once the baby came.

I once had two little boys that would play together, look out for one another and always wanted to be together. Now that the baby is here….oh my! What am i to do???  Hopefully, a little one-on-one time this weekend will put an end to the fighting and bring back my sweet little guys.
*fingers crossed*


  1. I had a hard time going from one to two. My two year old (at the time) went through a stage where he wouldn’t let me touch him. Of course with the hormones going nuts, I was in tears over it. You will have to post on what works for you so that rest of us will know what to do when we go through it!

  2. Good luck with the one-on-one time with your boys. Have a nice weekend.

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