After Christmas Blues.

so it’s a couple days after Christmas, and the holiday weekend is gone. all the festivities are over and it’s time to put everything away. i never like this time of year. there is so much to look forward to before Christmas, and then poof! it’s all over. i still wanted to bake one last batch of Christmas cookies, buy one more gift and watch one more holiday movie with the kids : (

now all that’s left is a big mess of toys and a tree with a thousand ornaments to clean up. can you tell i am feeling sorry for myself! don’t worry, it won’t last. there’s no time to pout. 2010 is just around the corner and it time to get organized.


  1. Amen sister!

  2. I feel ya, I get the after Christmas blues as well. All this fun filled stuff to do leading up to Christmas and then Christmas itself, then everything drops off and the beginning of the year is so mellow. Aside from New Years, but we don’t have any big plans this year.

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