what we did last friday….

seriously, last friday was like my kiddies happiest day since Christmas. for reals. and…… it’s going to get better on february 12th!!!!!!! we are going to MONSTER JAM. yes….i posted about Monster Jam already….but like i mentioned earlier today, talking about monster trucks is a daily…make that a multiple daily occurrence.

so, what was so special about last friday??? we got invited to see some MONSTER TRUCKS!!!! and you can guess that getting the opportunity to preview Angel Stadium getting ready for Monster Jam AND meeting two monster truck drivers AND looking at their ginormous monster trucks was my kiddies dream come true.
see. happy boys.
how cool is this!
baby is happy in the monster truck tire.
hmmmm….but not sure about the monster truck driver. or the noise.
and what’s up with me wearing heels in the mud. what was i thinking!

so if you have some kiddies who like mud….action….noise….awesome monster trucks……hurry and get your tickets. there are only 2 shows left. february 12th @ Angel Stadium and february 19th @ Dodger Stadium.
click here for all the info. and don’t forget to use code MOMMY for a great discount!!!!!
hope to see you there.

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