What been happening over here.

wow, how time flies. i feel like i have been in turbo mode until this week, and now i am ready to relax and enjoy summer!

my kiddies have been super good this week…i’m really impressed. i have worked hard to get them on a schedule: get dressed, make their beds, clean rooms and do one chore each every morning. then we go out and do something fun and try to get back in time for baby’s nap. the boys have to read for at least 30 minutes, then they are free to do whatever they want. let’s keep our fingers crossed this schedule sticks for the rest of summer. it’s been great.

here is the craziness that led up to this awesome week of summer vacation!
first off….we had our year-end baseball season party. i made cupcakes, but dropped them before we got there. (they WERE cute though)
we visited the new Lego Store in Downtown Disney.
and school ended, which made us very happy.
i made 61 of these for the kiddies classmates.
and batches of fresh rolls and homemade strawberry jam for the kiddies teachers and special people.
my dear grandpa was laid to rest with military honors. my grandma was given his flag. he was an awesome man and i miss him terribly.
father’s day came, and daddy got to wear the customary decorated father’s day tie. all day long.
he was also lucky because we made him these yummy cinnamon swirl pancakes.
 they were super good and turned out like this!
and all our father’s lovde their father’s day gifts we made them. which i posted about here.
i got to sneak preview Wendy Bellissimo’s new baby clothes line. you can see them here. super cute! almost makes me want to have another baby.
took a trip to our favorite splash pad.
and we ended the crazy week with a trip to Casey’s Cupcakes. where all i got was a tiny taste before this little cutie devoured the entire cupcake.
then i collapsed…hee hee. it certainly was a crazy week. but full of good stuff too!
we are looking forward to sharing an awesome summer of fun with all of you too. any suggestions of fun places or things to do? we are always looking for new things or ideas to do.
be back soon,
jill, jack, kyle & vann

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