What been happening over here.

hi all! hope everyone is enjoying their week. things sure have been busy around here. mostly happy stuff. and some very sad. i spent the last week getting over being sick, organizing the house after it got thrashed, planning baby’s birthday party that got cancelled, spending time with my dear  grandparents and getting ready for summer. i ALWAYS get so excited for summer. only 8 days of school left!
anyways, i thought i’d share a few highlights from the past week. first off, baby and i went over to Irvine Regional Park to have a quick ride on the ponies. such a nice treat for him and only $4.
and of course we couldn’t leave without riding the train. i sure wonder if he’s going to  insist on wearing those rain boots the entire summer! i need to enforce my summer “no sock/flip flop only” policy with him. for those of you who personally know me, know i hate folding socks!
which brings us to my next activity of the week. LAUNDRY. for those of you who personally know me, know i am laundry impaired! this is after 3 hours of folding. and i still had 3 loads to do. any tips on keeping up on laundry is greatly appreciated.
this old fence has been the eye sore of our backyard since we moved in. the neighbors don’t want to replace it with us, and it’s really expensive to do so, so i did the next best thing.
painted it rainbow! i just used Minwax Colored Wood Stain and now i have a happy backyard. i think that will do until we can replace the fence.
and the sunshine has arrived for good here in the OC, so we have had some afterschool fun in our own backyard. the kiddies have enjoyed this silly sprinkler….and enjoyed the muddy backyard it has created even more so. boys will be boys.
and lastly, we made these yummy Pink Lemonade Cookies. which i think i am now addicted to. they aren’t a fancy recipe, just a Pillsbury box mix i got at Target, but they sure did make me happy!
any of you doing anything fun?


  1. I bought those cookies from the store but haven’t made them yet…now I am SO wanting to make them after reading you are addicted to them. YUM!

    P.S. I am horrible at laundry and feel your pain. My clean laundry is still in the laundry room in a laundry basket from last week’s washing. Whoops!

  2. It sounds like you’ve been busy! Those cookies look delicious!
    Call me weird, but I love to do laundry. It’s soothing to me!

  3. Wow Brandi & Sara! I can’t believe what great systems you have for laundry. I never can think of anything like that. Love, love, love your ideas. Thanks for sharing. I am definitely going to take your advice and try those things. You’ve both inspired me. It’s seem like I am always up to my ears in laundry. I should just get rid of all those clothes hee hee!

    Sara….you have three boys like me! we need to have a playdate.

  4. Hi! You don’t know me, but I love your blog! I have found so many things to do with my three boys by reading so thanks! Just wanted to let you know!

    I also am totally with you on the laundry. Ugh. I have been trying something over the last few months that is working for us.

    I made 5 laundry baskets in my hallway (one for each member of my family). Each kid knows which basket is his (even my baby ha!) and they put their clothes in it when they are dirty. When their baskets fill up I wash each person’s clothes separately so that I don’t have to sort through and figure out whose underwear is whose, etc. I also make my 6 and 8 year old put their own clothes away. Basically I wash the clothes in their basket and when it finishes drying I put it back in the basket and hand it over to them to put away while everything is still warm. If they aren’t around to put it away I leave it in the dryer and re-fluff it when they are ready.

    For the most part my kids clothes have been washed a million times so I don’t worry too much about colors mixing, but we do have a separate basket for whites. Anyway, it has worked for us! 🙂 I can’t wait until my 2 year old is big enough to put his own clothes away!

  5. Brandi says

    I am with you on the laundy – the only thing I hate more is cleaning the soap scum off the shower door. 🙂

    Personally I don’t fold socks. Each member of the family gets a mesh laundry bag that hangs on their hamper – clothes go in the hamper, socks go in the bag. On laundy day I wash it, dry it, and hand it back to them without ever taking them out of the bag. 🙂 My twin 4 year olds even dump the contents in their sock drawer and hang it back up to use again.

    I also pick one type of sock for each person – typically their favorite white sports sock because that’s what they wear 90% of the time anyway and buy in bulk. That way their bag has ~20 pairs of the SAME sock in the same size. So pretty much any 2 socks they pick out of the bag match! Voila! Lose 1? Didn’t even notice.

    I also don’t fold underwear. It goes straight from the dryer back to the drawers.

    I also don’t like to spend an entire day (or two) doing laundy so I generally do 2-3 loads every day. Sunday – sheets, bedding. Monday – Hubby’s laundry day, Tuesday – towels (kitchen, bathroom, and pool after swim practice), Wednesday – my laundry, Thursday – odd numbered kids, Friday – even numbered kids, Saturday – NO LAUNDRY DAY!! (or make up for whoever I missed or didn’t quite get finished).

    Sorting was also something I HATED so now we all have sorting hampers. All laundry comes to me presorted – my 4 year olds started sorting at 2 as “color practice” and they loved “getting to do it!” 🙂

    My other tip – spread it out throughout the day. I work so I throw a load in Sunday night before I go to bed – set the delay on the washer so that it finishes about 10 minutes before I get up. I hang/throw that load into the dryer when I get up. It’s normally done drying while the kids are eating breakfast so IF I care about wrinkles I can fold that stuff immediately. The rest sits in the dryer until I get to it. And I will drop another load into the washer on delay to be ready when we get home for the day. Lather, rinse, repeat.
    That way it isn’t 3 hours straight of laundy every day either – just 10-15 minutes snippets.

    And last but not least, don’t forget to enlist the kids. They can haul (or launch from the catwalk) dirty laundry, and even little legs can carry handfuls back to be put up.

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