Under water over here….

ha ha….i guess it was a good thing that i decided to take a little break from blogging. i think it is so funny when you think things are already very hard to manage that more stressful things happen! well… 2 days ago a water pipe burst in my wall upstairs. yesterday i woke up to water all over my downstairs. today they just sucked out over 160 gallons 300 gallons of water out of my floors (that were just put in 3 weeks ago!). 

joy! at least i am not one to get stressed out about this kind of stuff….. and at least it wasn’t a fire or one of us getting hurt. i really am thankful for that. and….maybe…..one day, i will look back at this and laugh : ).  isn’t life funny sometimes. 


  1. Thank you Nonnie! I think I see the light at the end of the tunnel. We have finally settled in a hotel, and now I can start to bring things over to make life more normal again.

    Most of all, I miss doing my fun activities with the kiddies.

  2. You have such a positive attitude! Keep it up, a family is always blessed when they have examples like a positive mom to look to in times such as these!

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