Oh my….

look what my older brother and his playmate did while my mommy was feeding me! Monopoly is a very messy game, and this picture was taken after they had already been cleaning-up for 15 minutes. no wonder mommy doesn’t have any time to post on her blog. i think i can hear her hysterically laughing, or is that her going nuts. *wink*

but i sure am happy…and almost 4 weeks old. i really have it made, food whenever i want, snuggles, cuddles, naps and probably well over a thousand kisses since i made my debut.
be back soon,


  1. yes….i actually thought it was funny. you should have seen how happy they were throwing the money from the upstairs and running threw the falling money. I am still finding money places. too bad it’s not real money : )

  2. Anonymous says

    Jill I know that’s a mess but it’s soooo cute at the same time. Those moments are mommy moments that you won’t forget.

  3. holy cow!!! whenever my child is quiet I should know by now she is up to no good and creating destruction that I will have to clean up, however I have still come to the conclusion that the amount of time it takes to clean up was well worth the fun for them and also the free time for me (or whatever house chore I was busy doing). can’t believe your baby is 4 weeks old already – time flys! your’re still doing a great job, don’t worry!

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