No….not Fall already

well that’s that. summer is over and fall is here. *sighhhhhhhhh* i love summer and wish it could last all year. even though California living is pretty darn great….weather wise that is, it’s not the same when fall arrives. and i kind of feel gipped this year. it has been a cold summer, with just a few very hot weeks. i never even got to go to the beach with friends (other than when we were camping)…what’s up with that.

anyways…time to start our fall activities. lots of apple and leaf activities. time to get ready for Halloween. time to get our costumes ready. time to try and forget that i wish summer wasn’t would last a bit longer. i miss summer.
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  1. Me too…I kept thinking we were going to have a late summer, but it looks like summer is over and fall is quickly approaching. I should be grateful for the not so hot summer being prego over the summer, but I am bummed that we weren’t able to get to the beach as much as I had hoped.

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