my life right now….

here i am sitting at the computer at 12:30 am. it’s late and the house is quiet. the day was long….life has been different lately. i have found myself growing more and more fatigued, and more and more scatterbrained. and i know that having a baby can cause that…..but i can handle baby “aka the non-napper” and i can handle little sleep. but i could totally tell there was something “off.” so i scheduled a check-up at my primary care. i always do at least once a year, and especially after having my babies.

turns out i was right. thank goodness…..i WAS loosing my mind….but it looks like it can be fixed!
number one: i am vitamin D deficient. i had this problem last year. easy fix, take a vitamin. (did you know that being low in vitamin D really affects how you feel, physically and mentally. i was SO surprised at how much better i felt when i fixed my previous vitamin D deficiency. but, you usually have to ask your doctor to check for this, it’s not done automatically. and most of us probably should be supplementing vitamin D)
number two: i now have Hashimoto’s disease. aka autoimmune thyroiditis, a form of hypothyroidism. (explains my super low blood pressure, scatterbrained activity and weight gain….if just having a baby wasn’t enough!) it’s not a big shock, i have had thyroid issues before, but the Hashimoto thingamajiggy….news to me. so i guess i get a new regimen a pills to fix this problem. i have been taking them for 5 days now, it’s been tough. i thought they would bring up my energy a bit, instead i am SLEEEEEEEPY!
so please bear with me for a couple days. i am confident i will be back to my old self shortly. now off to bed. i am excited for the field trip tomorrow. (if i don’t fall asleep on the way there.)


  1. Thank you! I am doing a lot better…except for the forgetfulness. I can keep anything straight lately.

  2. I hope you feel better soon!

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