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hello all. just thought i check in this morning to say hi and let you know what’s going on over here. it’s always the same old stuff. but life got pretty crazy last week. i may have mentioned before that we had a flood a couple of months ago….well, after months of dealing with the bank, we finally got approval to get the floors replaced. that happened all last week….and all that goes with getting new floors and carpeting. moving EVERYTHING. and since my hubbie works A LOT. that was my responsibility. what. a. mess.

and wednesday, i threw a fun little birthday party for my middle kiddie. it was a camping theme, and it turned out awesome. i have been looking forward to his party for some time now. wait till i share the pictures.
and……last wednesday just happened to be my birthday. i didn’t even have a second to mention it. i even had planned a fun giveaway for this blog…haven’t gotten to it yet.
needless to say….it’s been hectic. and i usually hold it together. but this time i failed. i haven’t felt so spent in a long time. but thanks to a long nap yesterday, i am good and ready to begin a wonderful week.
AND…i am still going to do the giveaway. so, check back today. wait till you see what it is…..


  1. Oh no!!!! That sounds way worst than what happened over here! I guess I shouldn’t be complaining : )
    Glad you got it fixed!

  2. We had a flood (a sewer back-up..yuck!) the day before Thanksgiving and just finished all the repairs last month. It took over 3 months!!! I had to box almost the entire house and we were living out of boxes. It was horrible, so I understand what you’re going/been through.
    Love your blog!!

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