it’s february

guess who’s 9 months already. can you believe how fast time flies!!!!! and i bet you are wondering why my february 1st post isn’t all Valentiney……….well that’s because there isn’t anything pink and red with hearts over here at our house. it’s a house full of boys. i am the minority. and anything pretty or nice pretty much just gets broken.

not sure if i am okay with this. i have been struggling. i mean, don’t boys ever think first before they break or destroy something????? or is everything a monster truck track or Star Wars Ship. and do i always have to be a Jedi???? well….once in a while i get to be Princess Lehi (sans the bikini outfit….however, 1 out of the 4 boys might actually like that..hee hee : ).
yes…boys….gotta love them. even when i am cleaning up water downstairs from a bath that took place upstairs, and beads all over the floor from one of my necklaces. or Legos out of the bottom of my foot.
but REALLY…..i wouldn’t change having my boys for the world. i absolutely love them. forever.
happy february.
p.s. but i wouldn’t mind a little pink now and them.
p.s.s. the picture is a little sneak peek of our friday adventure!


  1. Yes….I love them sooo much.

  2. Definatly can relate to this post 🙂 I am a mother of 3 little boys. Yep. They pretty much destroy everything. But, I sure do love them too.

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