I’m Back….

wow…i think that was my longest time away from blogging! i hadn’ planned it, but i just didn’t have a second. however, the oldest is back in school, i am semi-caught up on work, i am slightly more rested, and am ready to get this new year rollin’.

what have we been up to these past weeks during the winter holiday until now?
a little bit of everything.
some cuddles….
some firsts…..

some yumminess……
and even more yumminess…..

some destruction……

some music…..
some ups…..

and downs….
time with daddy….

and waaaaay too much sugar….

whewwww! it’s been fun, it’s been tiring, it’s been sad, it’s been happy, there’s been tears, there’s been squeals, but most of all we’ve been making memories together….that’s the best thing on earth.
we are looking forward to another year of sandy toes and popsicles. hope you will join us on our daily adventures….and create some of your own too.

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