Home again, home again.

at last….we are home. 8 days of beach camping, 8 days of dirty kiddies, 8 days of beautiful weather, 8 days of fun: Seaworld, Pedro’s Taco’s, good friends, sandcastles, dolphin spotting, bike riding, smores, campfires and best of all…8 days of being with my family. sad that we had to come home, but glad to be back.

i am sitting here procrastinating. wouldn’t you if you had a gazillion loads of laundry to do??? on the other hand, i love the smell of laundry being done. dryer sheets are my best friends. wait…what am i saying!

anyways…only one more week of summer for us…then school begins. the feeling is meloncholy. did my kids have enough fun this summer. will they have fabulous memories. summer is too short for me. i sure tried to do some great activities. i will try to squeeze a few more fun things in….but there are school supplies to bought, clothes to be organized, and backpacks to be cleaned.

be back with this weeks activities. off to do the never ending laundry….

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