Earth Week 2012

i completely forgot to post that this week is Earth Week 2012 which leads up to this sunday, Earth Day 2012. and although i may not live the 100% green lifestyle, i still try to do my best to keep our beautiful world green. i teach my children to recycle, to not be wasteful (one of my BIGGEST pet peeves) and to treat their environments with respect.
so, i always feel a need to make Earth Week a little bit special. there are always earth cookies for school and a few earth-friendly projects i do with the kiddies. it’s a great excuse to get outdoors, re-use things that would otherwise get thrown out and to take a trip down to the recycling center. the earth is a beauty of it’s own, and i am grateful for that.


  1. I love how you managed to make these cookies really look like the earth without meticulously painting a map (I’ve seen this done, and it looks extremely time consuming and actually doesn’t end up looking as good). I think I’ll try this!

  2. Thank you for liking my cookies. they are my fav!
    i think that it’s great to talk about Earth Week at your church!

  3. Anonymous says

    We will also be talking about Earth Week in the church..
    BTW..mouth watering cookies..:)

  4. Anonymous says

    These are beautiful and yummy earth cookies.

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