did you brush?

my oldest has always been good at doing what he is told. he like rules and sticking to them. so I really don’t ever have remind him to do things. i guess i am sorta lucky at that. he always puts his dishes in the sink, gets out his school clothes, puts his homework in his backpack and little things like that. putting away his toys…well that’s another story. i haven’t figured out the trick for that one yet.

but lately i have noticed that the teeth brushing routine has been getting shorter and shorter. and this morning i am sure he only brushed long enough to maybe get his front tooth wet. i practically blinked and he was finished.
me: Jack did you brush your teeth?
Jack: yes mom.
me: enough not to get cavities?
Jack: ummm, i think i need to brush again.
so i am thinking that i need to do the whole how to brush your teeth talk again. and not to mention that i still haven’t figured how to get my youngest’s brushed without a struggle. you would think i was torturing him! so this morning i decided to find a chart and some info to get them excited to brush.

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