Catching up…..

wow…the week has gone by way too fast. and the whole thing was kind of a blur (thanks to new medication). but there were some definite highlights!

monday: Whole Foods Market Huntington Beach grand opening preview tour! more pictures to come on that. and a field trip for Kyle at Irvine Railroad Pumpkin Patch.
tuesday: sandy toes & popsicles first field trip to the Cal Poly Pomona pumpkin patch. we had so much fun. and enjoyed the day running through thousands of pumpkins, climbing on haystacks, playing on tractors and having a picnic. my kiddies wanted to do the corn maze….but it was just too HOT! it seemed like the weather was just perfect, but out on that field the sun really beat down on you.
here are some of us who went!

wednesday: we got our halloween costumes in the mail…the two oldest boys that is. sigh. at least i get to pick what the baby is going as. Jack’s piano teacher got to teach a Star Wars ARF Trooper. not exactly sure what that is….but he chose it and wore it until bedtime.
thursday & friday: sort of a blur. not doing that great with these new meds….so we may have to figure out a new regimen.
yesterday, we had a birthday party for the hubby…and grandpa Bruce. it was fun….i will share details later. we enjoyed the rest of this weekend with baseball games, birthday parties and a trip to see the twins.
hope all of you all had a good one. happy weekend!

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