A Candy Carmel Apple Day….

it’s late. i finally got the kids to bed, and have almost put the rest of the house to bed…dishes, toys away, dismantle little boy weapons, backpacks set by the door, etc. hubby is gone on business, i am expecting him late tonight. i need to catch up on blogging, i have a lot to share : )
(boy weapons….is that daddy’s guitar strap?)
well, today was just one of those days.
i feel like an awful mommy today. i messed up on re-registering my son for preschool. when we got there, they wouldn’t let him in, and after all the phone calls to try and figure things out….he was not allowed to continue in his class. he was so upset, and it was all my fault. he wanted to be with his friend. he wanted to be in his old school. bad mommy!
an hour later i ended having to move him to another campus….the one at the Oak Canyon Nature Center. luckily, getting to go to school at the nature center was exciting for him. he will get to go on hikes, the classroom is filled with aquariums of animals, there are only 13 children instead of the 24 in his old class. and after school, he told me he liked this class better. that did make me feel a little better. and maybe this is a blessing in disguise.
i went about the rest of the day….taking all the boys to the bank (geesh), getting homework done, watching the house get distroyed…..etc.
then the day started getting long. since my hubby was up in Sacramento for work, and i was all alone, i made dinner….ok…..breakfast…..french toast. something i knew would cause no fussing. score!
it was already 6:30. baby had not taken a nap all day (any suggestions!). and since i have been promising the boys to make caramel apples for a week, i figured i could get a break by forcing asking them to unwrap all the caramels. it worked….they work hard and got them all unwrapped. and we made Candy Caramel Apples. a recipe i got here. doesn’t it look yummy!
they turned out cute! and the boys were proud.
then it was time for stories, teeth brushing, and bedtime. *sigh* what a day. i ran down stairs to finish cleaning up so my hubby wouldn’t see the days disaster. and to admire the cute little caramel apples we made. that when i found this!
not exactly sure why this happened, but the little apples balls were just too wet i guess. and all the candy and caramel slid off. gotta figure out how to make them work.
ha ha…..well this pretty much sums up the day! but hey, i guess things could have always been worse. and i am grateful for that,


  1. i think its because the apples were peeled? maybe? they are too cute though ! a lot of work! good job!

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