20 Summer Snack Ideas

one of things on my list to get ready for summer was to stock up on healthy snacks. and i was asked what kind of snacks i get for my family.

well…i wish i could say i was one of those amazing moms that always gives her kiddies organic foods, only fruits and veggies and no-sugar snacks. but i think i mentioned before that i am food challenged. i can’t even grocery shop. and my idea of a healthy snack is anything that isn’t candy or a dessert. (probably need to learn more about that) i am however trying to change. it is tough. i do have a few snack staples that are easy for me to prepare as well as take on the go. they all pretty much double as lunch foods, because when we are out, i can never get my kiddies to sit still for a meal. they constantly go back and forth from the activities to get food. here are our favorites:
• ham or turkey cold cuts rolled-up.
• cheese chunks
• baby carrots
• strawberries and blueberries
• celery with peanut butter and sprinkles
• graham crackers
• Flipsides pretzel crackers
• Yoplait Smoothies from Costco
• Homemade Chex Mix
• sandwiches cut with cookie cutters
• edamame
as long as i cut up the veggies and fruit in bite size pieces as soon as i get home from the grocery store, we tend to choose these snacks over the sweets.
i also found these fun snack ideas online…my kiddies will love these. afterall, food tastes better when it looks fun.
PB and Strawberry Crepes, Safari Dip, Crunchy PB and A wrap,
Fruit and Cheese Kabobs, Blueberry Banana Stacks, Fruit Sundae Cone,
Sweet Potato Chips, By the Seaside Sandwich, Tasty Tic Tac Toe
happy snacking,
jill, jack, kyle and vann


  1. thank you!!! i am dyiiing for new snacks and these are perfect!

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