Crazy Week. Dump Cookies…

so it’s been a crazy week. crazy week = little time to blog. lots of work (sometimes it is very hard to be a work at home mom). and it has been a week of firsts (i’ll explain later). anyways, the blog awards were monday night (i’ll share that craziness later). no, sandy toes and popsicles didn’t win….but thanks to all of you who voted!!!! it was a fun party and i am just thrilled to have been nominated.

so today, i had to take some time out and spend with my little Kyle. we played a few games…with his rules….so he won everytime. and we made dump cookies.
they were gross.
don’t make them.
i should’ve known that cookies made with cocoa pebbles, goldfish crackers & chocolates chips would not be good.
you know what else it not good? sitting here at the computer after a long day….and baby spit-up all over my shirt. so i must say goodnight! gotta close the house for the night, shower and off to bed.


  1. yikes! I was wondering if your boys accidently threw in the goldfish! Good for you for trying them. I don’t think I would have the guts. 🙂

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