4 Kid crafts to keep you busy….

i gotta be honest with you….this blog is just going to get a little neglected until the kiddies go back to school. i do have a little time here and there, but honestly…..i. am. tired. i think i am raising the energizer baby. all these boys around here have gobs of energy. so we play, play, play and eat, eat, eat, all day long.
yesterday, we went to one of our favorite cupcake decorating places in the OC. remember this post. wait till you see the little movies my oldest made of our adventures in frosting! (yes, i let him use my video camera :-p)
anyways, the blog has been lacking some craft posts, and since i don’t have time to post ones i am doing yet, here are some crafts other blogs are sharing…….enjoy!
homemade placemats that teach the kiddies to set the table correctly. i found them at Ohdeedoh, click here. (note to self…make these asap!)
remember my homemade shrinky dinks post? how about cup shrinky dinks! see what happens when these go into the oven over at ucreate with kids.
how about making a huge set of alphabet bean bags! saw this idea over at creation corner. there are so many games you could play. spelling. word making. sounds. getting back at your kids for all the messes they make…hee hee j/k.
mosaics are always so beautiful. you can make them from magazines! check it out at Family Fun.
and that’s it for now…be back soon!


  1. Ooh, I like the placemats craft. A friend made us YoGabba themed placemats with their names on it but now I can make my own! Love all of you creative mamas out there!

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