Popsicle Blog Road Trip: The Historic Parry Lodge

famous-parry-lodge-utah-kanab-hotelcontinuing with our road trip, after our time in Zion National Park, we headed east to the little town of Kanab. i wrote a little bit about Kanab here…which i am still dreaming about its beautiful scenery and unique mountainous landscape. i now want to share about the motel we stayed in during our time there.

we stayed at the historic Parry Lodge Motel. back in the days when the old westerns and the movie industry did a lot of filming in Kanab, it was known as the “Home of the Stars” in Utah’s little Hollywood. Parry Lodge is where the movie stars stayed when they filmed the movies.

parry-lodge-budget-hotelinside the Parry Lodge lobby, you can take a look at all the historic movie memorabilia, most of which is from the 20’s – 70’s. it was really cool to see the old vintage photos, and newspaper articles.
to see a fun list of all the stars who stayed at the Parry Lodge, and a list of the movies made in Kanab, click here.parry-lodge-movie-star-historythe Parry Lodge has a coffee shop where you can get a bite to eat or a cup of coffee…..

parry-lodge-kanab-utah-coffee-shopand also a restaurant, where you can get the buffet breakfast before enjoying the sites around Kanab.

Breakfast: from April 1st to October 31st, a full breakfast Buffet is available 7 days a week 6:30 am to 9:30 am, $6.99 for guests; from November 1st to March 31st, a free continental breakfast is available in our coffee shop. here is a menu available from 6:30am to noon. Lunch: offered Monday through Friday 11:00 am to 2:00 p.m.


the layout of the motel is open, so you can park right outside your room.

parry-lodge-motel-rooms-kanab-utahwhat is really cool about this motel, is that the names of the movie stars that have stayed in each room are displayed above each of the doors. you could get to stay in the very same room as Ronald Reagan, Frank Sinatra, John Wayne or Clint Eastwood. how cool is that!parry-lodge-kanab-ronald-reganduring our stay, we stayed in the same room Gregory Peck stayed in. he starred in movies such as “To Kill a Mocking Bird,” “Moby Dick,” and “Cape Fear.”parry-lodge-gregory-peckthe rooms themselves are quaint and vintage. you feel like you are going back in time. our room was had two queen sized beds and a twin.parry-lodge-motel-reviewparry-lodge-bathroomparry-lodge-kanab-roomthere was also a kitchenette located in one of the rooms which made it easy to prepare our picnic lunch and late evening snacks.parry-lodge-kanab-utah-kitchen

other amenities of the Parry Lodge include landery facilities, a pool to swim in….

parry-lodge-kanab-pool and best of all….The Old Barn Play House.  an old barn where each evening, you can sit back and relax while watching one of the old western movies that were filmed in Kanab. the boys were very excited to see the scenic landscape surrounding our motel, in the very movie they were watching. parry-lodge-motel-kanab-utah-old-barnparry-lodge-kanab-old-time-barn-movieparry-lodge-kanab-utah-old-time-barn
the Parry Lodge is listed on the National Register of Historic Places and is now owned by Kanab native Steve Heaton. it is centrally located to many Utah attractions such as the Grand Canyon, Zion and Bryce Canyon National Parks, Glen Canyon (Lake Powell) National Recreations Area, Grand Staircase – Escalante and Pipe Springs National Monuments. these incredible natural wonders are all just a 90 minute drive or less from Kanab. they form a grand circle with Parry Lodge as its hub, which make the Parry Lodge a great place to stay when you want to visit these places.

we personally really enjoyed our stay at the historic Parry Lodge. being able to share in some old time history was pretty cool….and something we will always remember.parry-lodge-motel-rocking-chairs


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{ Disclosure: We received our stay at the Parry Lodge complimentary. As always, all thoughts and opinions are a bazillion times my own. }

Popsicle Blog Road Trip: Kanab, Utah

guide-to-kanab-utah-travelafter we left Zion National Park on our road trip, we continued by heading to the small town of Kanab, Utah. to travel to there, we drove highway 9 through Zion National Park and out it’s east entrance. highway 89 took us to our destination of Kanab. as we entered, we were greeted by gorgeous views that you would see in a western movie. well actually, you probably have seen views of Kanab in a western movie!!!!!

this little town is known as “Little Hollywood” because hundreds of movies and television shows have been filmed there….mostly old westerns, but there have even been movies filmed in Kanab recently.

Kanab used to be a mecca for Hollywood directors seeking beautiful western backdrops for their movies. and i can see why…the unique mountains and landscapes are breathtaking. you feel like you are back in time. and it’s untouched beauty was a welcome view, a lot different from my hometown. a few of the movies and shows that have been filmed in Kanab are: “The Lone Ranger” “My Friend Flicka” “Lassie” “Daniel Boone” “One Little Indian” “The Flinstones” and “Planet of the Apes.”kanab-utah-family-travelwe stayed in the historic world famous Parry Lodge which was the hotel for famous stars such as Frank Sinatra, Ronald Reagan and John Wayne. there are even signs above the room doors that will tell you which movie star has once stayed in your room. i will be sharing all about our stay at Parry Lodge in separate post.

parry-lodge-kanab-utahnow, you may not have heard of Kanab, Utah before, but you most likely have heard of the many National Parks and landmarks it is centrally located to. which makes it a great place to stay if you want to visit places like Zion, the Grand Canyon, Bryce Canyon, Lake Powell and more. click here to find out the many things you can do. this would make an excellent vacation that i am sure we will make in the future.

grand-canyon-hotelduring our two day stay in Kanab, we were able to enjoy some of its fantastic sights.  the Coral Pink Sand Dunes was one of the highlights of our entire road trip. so peaceful and beautiful.

coral-pink-sand-dunes-utahwe also visited the Best Friends Animal Sanctuary and took a tour of it’s amazing facility nestled into 3,700 acres of scenic mountains….

best-friends-animal-sanctuary-kanab and also stopped by the Moqui Caves, a natural history museum featuring Native American artifacts.

moqui-caves-kanab-utah for some evening entertainment, we visited the Little Hollywood Movie Set Museum and check out some of the old western movie sets….little-hollywood-museum-kanaband enjoyed an authentic Chuck Wagon Dinner…..chuck-wagon-dinner-theater-kanab-utahwhere you can also enjoy a western show and be part of the action.old-western-movie-sets-kanab-utahour time in Kanab was amazing and i am still smiling from the fun we had there. it will be a place we visit again and again, as there is much to do in the surrounding areas.

kanab-utah-little-hollywood-family-travelplus, i want to return to these views again. we loved it.kanab-utah-travel-tips

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Popsicle Blog Road Trip: Zion National Park

zion-national-park-entranceafter we left Fort Zion, we continued our road trip heading to Zion National Park which is located in Southern Utah. it was our first time visiting Zion National Park and we had no idea what to expect. driving in, we got our first views of the mountains. our car was filled with oooo’s and ahhh’s. the mountains were breathtaking.

it costs $25 per vehicle or $12 per person to walk-in to the park. since we had planned on visiting many national parks on our trip, we found that our best choice was to buy a National Parks Annual Pass (thanks for the tip Michelle from Nature Play Trips). it was $80 and would pay for itself on this trip.

you can drive into the park with your vehicle, but places to park are scarce. most people walk in and take the tram to their desired hiking spot. we learned this the hard way. we thought we could drive in, park and then hike. that’s not how it works!zion-national-park-ticketsthese park trams run up and down the road in and out of Zion National Park all day long. you can get on one at the park entrance, or at any of the stops in town. they run every 10 minutes, so it is really easy and fast to get where you want to go.utah-zion-national-park-tramafter asking the rangers and locals which trails were best for families, we headed on the tram to our first stop. we wanted to go to a spot called “Weeping Rock.zion-national-park-tram
the Weeping Rock Trail is a half-mile round trip trail that leads you to a large rock ledge that is literally weeping water! the trail is fairly easy for everyone except for the fact it is uphill. but the trail is paved, and we had no problem hiking up to the weeping rock.


when we arrived at Weeping Rock, it was breathtaking. as you looked up at the massive mountain ledge, water gently showered over us. it was beautiful and a very special experience we shared as a family. it was quiet and calm and the beauty was overwhelming.weeping-rock-zionweeping-rock-zion-utah
there was an area where the cliff over hung, and you could go under the ledge and be protected from getting wet. that is where we could look out and see a amazing view of Zion National Park.

zion-national-park-weeping-rock it’s hard to describe how beautiful it was . it was just amazing.zion-national-park-weeping-rock-trailRead More…

Popsicle Blog Road Trip: Fort Zion in Virgin, Utah

Fort Zion Trading Post in Virgin, Utah. A fun stop to make on your travel to Zion National Park. #Utah #familytravel #travel #Zion when you’re on a road trip, you probably will be in the car for long periods of time. to break up those long stretches of driving, i recommend stopping at anyplace that looks cool along the way. a lot of times you will see signs promoting places to stop…or a place to get a local treat…or a historical site for the area. they don’t always end up being super exciting, but sometimes they are! it’s called exploring…and MANY times, these stops have been some of our favorite places to visit on our travels. don’t let the excuse of not wanting to get every one out of the car, or you need to get there faster discourage your decision to make stops along your route. everyone needs a break from driving and by stopping and taking a break to explore, you will probably continue your journey with renewed energy.

one of these impromptu stops we made along our road trip was Fort Zion in Virgin Utah. it is located on the side of the road just a few miles outside of west entrance to Zion National Park. it’s sort of a tourist trap….but a good one.

Fort Zion Trading Post in Virgin, Utah. #Utah #familytravel #travel #Zion

what draws you in, is the awesome little old wild west buildings and covered wagons. at least for me, it was a photographers dream with the detailed painted buildings, mountainous backdrops and perfect blue skies.


inside the main fort, there is a huge gift shop with everything you could image…from the old west to native American crafts and artifacts. there is also a restaurant that has burgers and homemade ice cream and treats that has gotten great reviews on Yelp and other websites.


my boys were very intrigued with everything, and the adventure in this stop was trying to make sure they didn’t touch anything!


you could even get your fortune told by Pappy.  my littlest boy Vann, thought this was soooo funny.

utah-fort-zion-family-fortune-telleroutside the main fort is where you find the great painted wild west buildings. to visit this area it costs $1 per person. there is also a petting zoo. you can buy carrots 3/$1 to feed them…animals such as lama, donkeys and deer.

my boys just needed to get their energy out and ran among the buildings and enjoyed the sunshine.


i had the best time taking photos of it all and taking in the beautiful landscape that surrounded Fort Zion Trading Post.

this is one of the many stops we made along our trip that we really enjoyed. it may have only been 30 minutes of our journey, but the memories of the fun we had will last forever.


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Popsicle Road Trip: Recap


it’s been about a week since we got back from our road trip and i am smiling ear to ear just thinking about the fun we had. before we left on the trip, when i mentioned our plans to my friends or people i talked too, they would say…

“Wow! that’s a lot of driving.”

“And you’re taking the kids????!”

“You call that a vacation”….Good Luck!”

since it was our first experience doing a road trip, i started to get worried that i was crazy for thinking this trip was going to be fun. but i couldn’t help but think it was going to be wonderful experience for our family. the only expectations that i had were the hopes that my children would see other areas of the country, enjoy the outdoors and see things they haven’t seen before. i had the same hopes for myself and my husband.

16 days, 3,187 miles, 7 states and 4 National Parks later, i would have to say that we had the time of our lives! the road trip was even better than i imagined. so much fun, such beautiful scenery and so many amazing memories. this is one trip my kids will never forget.

now…i will be writing about each stop we made during the trip on the blog in the upcoming weeks, but just to let you follow our route, here are the major stops we made:  (click on the links below to read about each experience)

Tahiti Village – Las Vegas
Denny’s and Fremont Street – Las Vegas
Cedar City KOA
Fort Zion – Virgin, Utah
Zion National Park – Springville, Utah
Kanab – Utah
Parry Lodge – Kanab – Utah
Best Friends Animal Sanctuary – Kanab, Utah
Coral Pink Sand Dunes – Kanab, Utah
Little Hollywood Museum & Chuck Wagon Dinner Theater – Kanab, Utah
Bryce Canyon National Park – Bryce Canyon, Utah
Dixie National Forest – Utah
Salt Lake City KOA
Temple Square – Salt Lake City, Utah
Cedar Creek Mall – Salt Lake City, Utah
The Real Up House – Herriman, Utah
Heber Valley Railroad – Heber Valley, Utah
The Homestead Crater – Heber Valley, Utah
Heber Valley Artisan Cheese – Heber Valley, Utah
Natural History Museum of Utah – Salt Lake City, Utah
Lava Hot Springs KOA
Lava Hot Springs Hot Pools – Lava Hot Springs, Idaho
Lava Hot Springs Olympic Swimming Complex – Lava Hot Springs, Idaho
Blackfoot Idaho
Yellowstone West Gate KOA
Yellowstone Hot Pots
Yellowstone Old Faithful
Yellowstone Bear World – Rexburg, Idaho
Idaho Potato Museum – Blackfoot, Idaho
Ruth’s Diner – Salt Lake City, Utah
Gadgets & Gifts – Parowon, Utah
Las Vegas Strip – Las Vegas, Nevada

these stops were not all planned before we left…many of them were recommendations from people we met along the way and readers who emailed, facebooked and messaged me while we were traveling. the visitor bureaus were also amazing at finding special and unique things for us to experience. they really know there stuff, so it’s great to give them a call if your need some help in your planning.

it may sound crazy to travel without knowing what you will be doing, but i think this is what made our trip so much fun.

being flexible is the key.

we knew some of the stops we wanted to make and cities we wanted to visit…and booked KOA and a few hotels a couple days before we left, but we kept our schedule open to allow us to do activities we discovered along our journey. which was great…because we actually deviated a bit from the original plans. we ended up taking out the end of our trip and adding a day in Idaho and Yellowstone. also, the frequent stops is what made the traveling so enjoyable. the most we drove was 4-6 hours at a time. and thanks to DVD players, iPads, a few games and beautiful scenery, there was little whining from the kids. i was really impressed at how good they were.