What’s New at California Pizza Kitchen in Family Dining

California Pizza Kitchen Los Cerritos Restaurant

i am happy to share some news about California Pizza Kitchen! did you know that 80 California Pizza Kitchen locations have recently gotten a brand new makeover? plus, CPK has just released a brand new ‘Next Chapter’ menu showcasing seasonal dishes, locally sourced ingredients and globally inspired flavors to complete the ‘Next Chapter’ feel of the restaurant. this is great news in family dining. our family is always looking for great restaurants that are family-friendly and have a local fresh feel. we were very excited to check out the new and improved Cerritos California Pizza Kitchen a few weeks ago.

California Pizza Kitchen New Look

first off, i LOVE the new look. CPK now has a fresh and contemporary design. sustainable materials were the guiding factor in the ‘Next Chapter’ design. CPK wanted to take their history and soul and innovate it, making it current for today’s guest and create a space to relax and unwind in a welcoming neighborhood environment.

California Pizza Kitchen Restaurant

California Pizza Kitchen Take Out

the warm rustic décor features many elements like oak floors, tabletops and chairs from reclaimed wood and stone countertops.

California Pizza Kitchen Reclaimed wood

the fabrics used for seating are from recycled materials and the restaurant features a natural herb garden. the chef told me that he even uses those fresh herbs in the dishes he prepares daily.

California Pizza Kitchen Fresh Food

the bright and colorful artwork on the walls features local landmarks for a neighborhood feel. Additionally, the open floor plan has flexible seating with dining options in both the restaurant and bar. feel free to take a virtual tour of the new and improved CPK.

California Pizza Kitchen Interior Design

the centerpiece of Cerritos CPK is the open kitchen, where food is prepared from scratch, guests can watch as artisan pizzas are hand-tossed and baked in our hearth-baked oven, as well as exciting new main dishes like fire-grilled rib-eye and roasted halibut are cooked to perfection. which brings us to the new ‘Next Chapter’ menu.

Inside California Pizza Kitchen

the adventurous new menu includes signature hand-tossed pizza favorites like CPK’s iconic BBQ Chicken Pizza, with new options in appetizers, salads, sides and mains.

first up in our meal were appetizers. we tried the Main Lobster Flatbread and loved it. parmesan flatbread with Maine lobster, mayo, fresh herbs, arugula and shaved red onions. i highly recommend.

California Pizza Kitchen Lobster Flat Bread

we also got the Avocado Club Egg Rolls. hand-wrapped crispy wonton rolls filled with avocado, chicken, tomato, Monterey Jack and Nueske’s applewood smoked bacon. Served with housemade ranchito sauce and herb ranch. even though these weren’t a new menu item, they have always been a favorite of ours. we couldn’t pass up getting them.

California Pizza Kitchen Avocado Egg Rolls

and don’t forget the warm freshly baked bread with herb olive oil. the perfect start to a meal, especially when you have hungry little kids waiting to eat.

California Pizza Kitchen Bread

for dinner, it was a hard decision, but we decided to get the seasonal Tricolor Salad Pizza. parmesan pizza crust with field greens, tomatoes and balsamic dijon dressing. it had a great fresh and light taste.

California Pizza Kitchen Salad

and the Seasonal Roasted Garlic Chicken with vegetables came highly recommended. it was a great choice as it was so flavorful and a great homestyle meal. crispy skin chicken in lemon sauce with earth roasted veggies.

California Pizza Kitchen Roasted Garlic Chicken

my husband couldn’t pass up the Fire-Grilled Rib Eye, grilled with house made Pinot Nior Sea Salt and topped with blue cheese butter. it was really good…i just had to taste it!

California Pizza Kitchen Rib Eye Steak

and you don’t have to be worried about the kids not liking their food. CPK still has a great kids menu with the favorites kids love and healthy food options.

California Pizza Kitchen Kids Meal

California Pizza Kitchen Kids Meals

ORange County Kid Friendly Restaurants

finally, dessert.

Salted Caramel Pudding….

California Pizza Kitchen Desserts

and Butter Cake! need i say more. the dessert was HEAVENLY!

California Pizza Kitchen Butter Cake

we sure had a delicious family dinner!  of course, this is just a portion of the new ‘Next Chapter’ menu, there is no way we could have stuffed more food into our stomachs…but we sure tried since everything was super yummy! but you can check out the new menu here. and better yet, go try it yourself. i hope you love the new look as much as our family does.

and don’t be afraid because satisfaction is guaranteed. the New CPK menu encourages diners to seek unique and seasonal flavor combinations, but offers a Menu Adventure Guarantee: If a guest tries a new dish and is not satisfied, it will be replaced with his or her favorite item from the CPK menu. CPK also will also continue to offer delicious menu choices to diners with dietary restrictions offering vegan and vegetarian, gluten-free items as well as healthy meal options under 650 calories. just thought you would like to know!California Pizza Kitchen Food

keep up with the latest CPK news

{Disclosure: This is not a sponsored post. We were invited guest of CPK. All thoughts and opinions are 100% my own. }

Family Ice Cream Fun at Scoops N Scoops in Irvine

Scoops N Scoops Ice Creams

this week, me and the boys headed over to Scoops N Scoops in Irvine to try out their ice cream which is created and frozen on the spot with liquid nitrogen. it was not only a trip to an ice cream store, but also a fun and exciting experience to watch how they make the ice cream right in front of you.

OC Nitrogen Ice Cream store

when we arrived, the boys immediately ran to the counter in excitement. clouds of liquid nitrogen steam streamed off the counter as the Scoop N Scoops employees created unique ice cream treats for waiting customers. if you have never seen ice cream made this way, then i highly suggest checking it out. it’s a really fun experience.

Orange County Liquid Nitrogen Ice Cream

Scoops N Scoops Ice Cream

Scoops N Scoops ice cream is some of the creamiest, freshest ice cream you will ever taste.

the secret to their creamy ice cream and yogurt is in the rapid freezing of the mixture. they use liquid nitrogen at -321 degrees Fahrenheit to create the ice cream treats. liquid nitrogen causes the fat and water particles to stay very small, making the ice cream have no ice crystals, giving it its creamy consistency.

Orange County Organic Ice Cream store

Scoops N Scoops ice creams and yogurts are hand-crafted and customized to any pairing you can think of – it is created with nothing but the best and freshest toppings and ingredients.

how does  Scoops N Scoops work?

first you pick your size, then you pick the ice cream or yogurt base. there are options of premium, coconut, non-dairy frozen yogurt, and organic. this is great for those with dietary restrictions. next you pick your flavors…there are tons to choose from. and if that isn’t enough, you can pick toppings. there are also add-on options such as waffle cones, chocolate bowls, floats and more. the possibilities are endless.

Scoops N Scoops Ice Cream Flavorsi am also happy to say that Scoops N Scoops is family owned by two brothers who grew up right here in Orange County! i love supporting that.
Scoops N Scoops Owner

so, what did we get????

Vann got organic strawberry ice cream topped with freshly made cotton candy. that is not shaved ice you see. you will be surprised how yummy a bit of strawberry ice cream topped with a puff of cotton candy tastes! yum yum.

Scoops N Scoops Cotton Candy Ice Cream
Kyle got Scoops N Scoops’ iconic Strawberries N Cream.  smooth strawberry ice cream made with fresh, juicy strawberries and topped with fresh whipped cream. what can i say, my boys love their  strawberry ice cream.

Best Orange County Strawberry ice Cream

and Jackson got the iconic Mint Chip N Brownie. mint and chip ice cream on top of a freshly made brownie. the brownie was made right in the store as we waited. the smell was Heavenly.
Scoops N Scoops Fresh Brownie Ice Creamthe hubby also got one of Scoops N Scoops’ specialty iconic creations. a Chocolate Caramel Almond Apple N Chocolate Bowl ice cream treat. a fantastic crisp green apple ice cream, topped with chocolate hard-shell, drizzled with caramel sauce and crunchy nuts, all placed in an chocolate bowl made with fresh, smooth chocolate. i might have tried a few bite…OMG, so good.Caramel Apple Ice Cream Flavor
BTW, you can order any of the Scoops and Scoops creations in a chocolate bowl.

Scoops N Scoops Team Member

lastly, what did i get???

i couldn’t decide between two of the iconic creations, so i got both!!!!! Lemon Curd Nilla, tangy, sweet lemon curd ice cream laced with crunchy Nilla wafers. it was super yummy and i would get it again.

Orange County Nitrogen Ice Cream store

Marshmallow Cookie Butter N Macaroons. i am not joking when i say this is probably the best ice cream treat i have ever had. it will be my favorite forever. get this– it’s a  scoop of freshly made cookie butter ice cream laced with real cookie butter bits and topped with whipped marshmallow cream. it is all served in between two exquisite French macaroons. i’m drooling over it right now, and i want to go back and get one right now.

Cookie Butter Ice Cream on a Macaron

prices for the Scoops N Scoops ice cream treats start at $4.50 for a basic small, and more. the iconic creations are closer to $6-10. add-ons are extra. you are paying for quality and freshness, and i don’t think you will be disappointed.

Best Orange County Ice Cream storeOC Nitrogen Ice Cream

we had such a fun and yummy night at Scoops N Scoops. its a place where you can sit and relax, enjoy fantastic creations, and the entertainment of the liquid nitrogen freezing the desserts. if you would like to visit the store, you can find the information on the Scoops N Scoops website.

Oc Ice Cream Parlor

{ disclaimer: we were invited guests of Scoops N Scoops. all thoughts and opinions are mine and we loved the ice cream. }

Where to Get Giant Pizza in Orange County

Orange County Giant Pizza

ever since i shared photos of my son’s birthday party last month, i’ve had so many emails and Facebook messages asking me “where did you get those GIANT PIZZAS????” with that much interest, i knew i had to write post about where i got them. there is just something super cool about a ginormous pizza, and these pizza pies span well over two feet wide. at 28 inches round, these pizzas were the hit of the party…and my instagram account. i guess the bigger the food is, the better.

Where to buy giant Pizza in Orange County

so where did i get the GIANT pizzas?  i got them at Rosa’s Pizza located on Bradford Avenue in Placentia. a little hole in the wall mom and pop establishment that has been serving up pizza in Orange County for more than 30 years! they are especailly known for their the giant pizzas that are called “Big Mama” pies. probably some of the biggest pizzas you’ve ever seen. plus, they also serve fresh salads, deli sandwiches, spaghetti & meatballs and more.

Rosa's Pizza Placentiahow did i know about theses giant pizzas? well, many years ago i had a summer school science teacher named Mr. Benson. he was one of my favorite teachers who has since past away from cancer years ago. he told the class that if we studied hard during the summer (i was taking the class to get ahead in highschool), that he would buy us a giant pizza. he was so excited in how he described them. and sure enough, on the last day of summer school, he brought us giant pizzas. he was such a fun teacher.Rosa's Pizza Placentia Orange County

these giant pizzas range in price from $31.00 for plain cheese to $33.62 for 1 topping to $53.25 for a combo pizza. you can order plain cheese, get two halves with different topping or even quarters all with different toppings. each pizza has 45 slices and is cut in squares, not wedges.

Orange County Giant Pizza Prices

the “Big Mama” pizzas come in giant boxes, so be prepared with a truck, mini van or car that’s seat fold down to fit them in. i am pretty sure a regular car will not work to transport these giant pizza. i also recommend only getting these pizza for takeout. the restaurant is pretty old, run down and dark inside, so i personally would prefer to eat them in the comfort of my own home. Anaheim Giant Pizzai was told that each pizza serves 10-12 people. we bought 2 pizzas and still had a ton leftover, so I would say it feeds more like 14-16 people, unless you have really big eaters. and as for the taste, they are good!  just like any take out pizza. i would say the taste similar to Ameci’s or Domino’s. but i can’t really describe exactly how they taste. i will say that i really loved the pizza with the toppings over the plain cheese. Tween and Teen Birthday Party Ideas
we will definitely be getting more giant pizzas in the future. the excited look on everyone’s faces was worth it alone to get them again.Giant 32inch PizzaBest Giant Pizza Orange County

below is the information on where to get your own giant pizza. i have also included the information for other pizza places that serve giant pizzas, i have not been to most, but they came recommended by my readers.

Rosa’s Pizza in Placentia (28″ pizza)
116 N. Bradford Avenue, Placentia, CA 92870
(714) 993-5550

Italian Pizza Rosa in Anaheim – i have not been here (28″ pizza)
2825 E Lincoln Avenue, Anaheim, CA 92806
(714) 630-0750

Great Manhattan Pizza in Anaheim – i have not been here (30″ pizza)
9842 Katella Avenue, Anaheim, CA 92804

Giavonni’s Pizza in Fullerton – (24″ pizza)
922 Williamson Avenue, Fullerton, CA 92832
(714) 526-5561

Big Rob’s Pizza in Westminster – i have not been here (28″ pizza)
13452 Goldenwest Street, Westminster, CA 92683
(714) 891-1148

Dano’s Pizzerio in Fountain Valley – i have not been here (28″ pizza)
16505 Magnolia Street, Westminster, CA 92683
(714) 842-4999

Ball Park Pizza Team in Mission Viejo – (28″ pizza)
28813 Los Alisos Blvd, Mission Viejo, CA 92692
(949) 830-3436

Ciro’s Pizza in Buena Park – (28″ pizza)
6969 La Palma Avenue, Buena Park, CA 90620
(714) 523-3381

Pizza D’oro in Costa Mesa – (28″ pizza)
1145 Baker Street (near Fairview), Costa Mesa, CA  92626
(714) 549-0685

Pizza D’oro in Huntington Beach – (28″ pizza)
8468 Indianapolis Avenue, Huntington Beach, CA 92646
(714) 536-9383

Gina’s Pizza – (28″ pizza)
Corona Del Mar, Costa Mesa, Irvine, Laguna Beach, Newport Beach
Locations and Phone Numbers Here


now go get some GIANT pizzas!!

Giant Pizza Party

Orange County Welcomes Miguel’s Jr. Mexican Food Restaurants

Miguels Fresh Mexican Food Tustin Orange Countyfor over 40 years, Miguel’s Jr. has been serving homestyle Mexican food to the people of SoCal. until recently, all of their restaurants have been located in Corona and the Inland Empire. but i am pleased to announce that the now have three restaurants in Orange County. you can now find Miguel’s Jr. in Costa Mesa, Orange and grand opening in Tustin at the Tustin Market Place today!!!!

Miguel’s Jr. Mexican food is fresh, never frozen and tastes of authentic homestyle flavor. you can dine-in or take the drive-thru for fast food…that is definitely not fast food. my husband has been raving about Miguel’s for years. him and his work buddies eat their frequently for lunch, but i have never had the opportunity to eat their food. but last Friday, i finally got to try it at Miguel’s Jr. Tustin Marketplace restaurant preview. i am sure glad i did, and i think i have a new favorite place to eat.Orange County Best Authentic Mexican Food Miguelsthe legend of Miguel’s began in 1973 when Mike and Mary Vasquez took over an existing restaurant in Corona, California and renamed it “Miguel’s” in honor of Mike’s grandfather. over the next 2 years, business improved and they decided to lease a fast food restaurant just 2 miles down the road and named it “Miguel’s Jr. this became an instant favorite with locals and travelers along interstate 91 between Orange County and the Inland Empire.

what makes Miguel’s unique is their passion for fresh food from family recipes inspired by Mary’s childhood in Central Mexico and their friends. they strive to deliver the freshest, best tasting California Mexican food each and every day. today there are 3 full service Miguel’s Restaurants and more than 13 Miguel’s Jr. fast food restaurants throughout the Inland Empire and Orange County.

here is the owner, Mary, who started it all. you can see a picture of the very first Miguel’s restaurant behind her. she should be very proud. the restaurant has a true family feel and i love supporting family owed businesses.

Miguels First Mexican Restaurant CoronaMiguels Fresh Mexican Food Original Corona Restuarant

now onto the food! Miguel’s food is made fresh to order. check out the cooks…you can tell they love their jobs and work hard to make fresh authentic Mexican food.Miguels Restaurant Fresh Mexican Food Orange Countyeven the bean and rice are made fresh daily.Miguels Fresh Mexican Food Orange County

some of the local favorites at Miguel’s include the chicken tacos, the bean, rice and cheese burritos, and the garbage burritos. and may i add that the chile relleno burrito (with added potato) is fabulous. i asked the cooks what their favorite was, and that’s what they recommended. they were right…so yummy!

Miguels Fresh Mexican Food Tacos

my husband goes for a wet burrito…Miguels Fresh Mexican Food Wet Burritoor the carne asada burrito with potato. you can add potatoes to any of the menu items.Miguels Potato Carne Asada Burrito Orange County

there are also many other favorites, including the rolled tacos and taco salad.Miguels Restaurant Taquitos Orange CountyMiguels Potato Carne Asada Salad Orange Countyand don’t forget the fresh stuff. dress your food with fresh, homemade hot sauce and other fresh produce.Miguels Restaurant Fresh Salsa BarOC Miguels Restaurant Fresh Salsa Bar

i am thrilled that i got to be among one of the first persons to eat in Miguel’s Jr.’s new Tustin Marketplace location. it will most definitely become one of Orange County’s go to Mexican food places. especially because you can get the food fast…without the taste and quality of fast food.

Orange County Best Mexican Food Miguels

we are so excited that Mary and her family has brought Miguel’s Jr. to the OC. be sure to check it out when you can. the Tustin Marketplace location is now open….so go and get some yummy food.
Best Mexican Food Miguels


Picnic in the Park with Del Real Foods

Del Real Packaged Mexican Foodwhen Del Real Foods asked me to try out their new Al Pastor Taco Kits, of course i said yes. i have written about how much i enjoyed Del Real Foods pre-made authentic Mexican foods before, and have continued working with their company ever since. for two reasons…one, the food is great! and two, Del Real Foods is a family owned company that strives to make healthier versions of Mexican food favorites. their food is made with high-quality ingredients without preservatives and virtually allergen free.

Del Real Gluten Free Mexican Food

last week, i just had my housekeeper at my home (my monthly splurge), after she left, i walked into my freshly cleaned kitchen to make dinner and cringed at the fact it would soon be messy again after i prepared dinner. BOO!  “couldn’t i enjoy a clean kitchen a little longer?” i didn’t want to go out to eat since we try to only go out on Friday nights. i then remembered about the Del Real Foods i had in my fridge just waiting to be eaten.

i could have just made a Mexican food dinner at home, but spontaneously i decided, “let’s not eat at home, lets eat at the park and keep my kitchen clean!” what a thought! so that is what we did. since Del Real Foods food is packaged ready to heat and eat. i just warmed everything up in the microwave, packed it up in our picnic basket and headed to the park. easy peasy.

we enjoyed authentic Mexican favorites such as cheese & chile tamales, chipotle chicken tinga, rice and vegetables, and fresh made salsa.

Del Real Mexican Food Tamales

we also loved the Al Pastor Taco Kits which included tortillas, meat and salsa to make your own street tacos. you can make them even more perfect by adding your own sour cream, cilantro and pica de gallo.

Del Real Fresh Mexican Food

my boys really loved the Pupusas, which are especially good topped with a cabbage slaw and a dallop of crema fresca. we skipped that part to make our meal at the park easier. but that how i enjoyed the leftovers!

Del Real Mexican Food Park Picnic

as always with Del Real Foods, the meats were delicious and seasoned just right. all the food was great, and made our picnic just plain great. all i can say is YUM!

Del Real Mexican Food Costco

instead of spending time in the kitchen preparing food, i got to spend quality time with my boys and husband at the park. we had a great time together, which i am sure my boys appreciate more than our regular typical meals in the kitchen.

Toyon Park Anaheim Hills

Ronald Reagan Park Anaheim Orange County

Ronald Reagan Park Anaheim HillsRonald Reagan Park Anaheim

if you have seen Del Real Foods in the store and have been wondering if you should try them, i highly recommend them. it makes creating an Mexican meal much easier…and it is good! Del Real Foods has an entire line of authentic products from fully prepared meats, heat & serve dishes, tortillas and fresh salsas. if you are wondering where you can get Del Real Foods, you most likely will find them in your grocery store (they are a local Southern California company). i have also seen Del Real Foods at Smart & Final and Costco. plus….you can also order Del Real Foods online here!

{disclosure: this is not a sponsored post. i was given a box of Del Real Foods to try for review purposes. all thought and opinions are my own. }