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A Weekend Road trip to Los Angeles with Chevy

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last month, Chevy invited our family to take a road trip anywhere we wanted in Southern California. i immediately knew that i wanted to head up to Los Angeles for a weekend of exploring and enjoying the LA sights and sounds. because, although it is only 30 miles north from Orange County…it can take anywhere from 45 minutes to 3 hours+ to get there. it makes me sad that it isn’t easier to get to L.A. on a more regular basis. so spending a weekend in Los Angeles was the perfect solution for some bulk L.A. adventures. PLUS…Chevy outfitted our family with a brand new Chevy Traverse to enjoy during the weekend to make our road trip a lot more comfortable. it had all the latest gadgets and gizmos, plenty of room for our family of six AND all our luggage, a stroller and baby gear.

let me tell you…the road trip was so much, and i wanted to share some of the great spots we visited. next time you are in L.A….be sure to check some of these out.

Universal Studios

we started our road trip at Universal Studios Hollywood. it’s one of my favorite Southern California amusement parks. it’s very family-friendly if your kids are over 42″. a baby makes it hard, but you can still find it enjoyable if you have little ones.

since we went during December, Universal Studios was decorated for the holidays. Grinchmas is a favorite of ours, and visiting Who-ville, meeting the Grinch, and playing with the Whos is a tradition we have done every year. Universal does a great job of creating a real-life Whoville. there are shows, treats, photo opportunities, crafts and character meet-and-great happening all day long during Grinchmas.

then we headed over to the Studio Tour which takes you through the backlot where they make movies and television shows. this is the boys absolute favorite thing to do at Universal Studios Hollywood (besides the Jurassic Park ride). it’s very nostalgic and has some great attractions along the way such as King Kong, Earthquake, and the Fast and Furious. you even get to wear 3-D glasses.

and Dani got to meet Marilyn Monroe!

we spent time in the park checking out Simpson Land and some of the stage shows, then headed to our most anticipated land – The Wizarding World of Harry Potter. if you are a Harry Potter fan, then you definitely need to make a visit. you feel like you have been transported into Hogsmeade. you can visit all the stores, taste some Butterbeer (we recommend the frozen Butterbeer), and use your wand around the village to cast some spells. during the holidays, The Wizarding World of Harry Potter is decorated for Christmas.

check out Hogwarts castle during the day. pretty spectacular! but during the holidays, it gets even more spectacular at night with Christmas in The Wizarding World of Harry Potter. the iconic Hogwarts castle is transformed into a dazzling light projection the sunsets, a light show is play on the Hogwarts castle with themed graphics and magical music. it plays multiple times every evening and lasts about 10-15 minutes. it was FANTASTIC!!!!!

after the show, everyone was tired after a full day of fun. we headed to our hotel. we stayed at the Boulevard Hotel which is conveniently located near Universal Studios.

apparently, there have been many stars who have stayed here!

The Griddle Cafe

the next morning, we wanted to have a breakfast experience, and check out a Hollywood breakfast hotspot. we decided on The Griddle Cafe on Sunset Boulevard. they are know for their giant pancakes and french toast….and boy are the BIG!

you know you’ve picked a popular breakfast spot when there is a long line at 8 am on a weekend morning.

check out this menu! wow…it was super hard to choose what to get.

so we ordered A LOT!!! we decided on Cap’n Crunch Pancakes, Banananana Pancakes, Cream cheese french toast, hot chocolate, cheesy omelet with avocado and pico de gallo. YUM YUM and while we waited for our food to arrive, the boys had so much fun watching the fancy cars race down Sunset. i think they saw about twenty Lamborghinis. i highly recommend sitting outside if it’s a nice day.

woahhhhhh!!!!! you think we ordered enough?

at the end of breakfast, we had only made a tiny dent in our food. our eyes were way bigger than our stomachs. we definitely ordered way too much, but still…it was so so good.

after breakfast, we hopped into our Chevy Traverse, and took a drive down Melrose. if you are looking for cool art our wall murals, you will find a bunch on Melrose Avenue. the “street art” is amazing in Los Angeles, and the boys love to get their pictures taken with it. as we drove down Melrose, if someone saw something they liked, we stopped to take a picture.

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Popsicle Blog Road Trip: Lava Hot Springs

Lava Hot Spring Water Parkwhen we went on our famous road trip a couple of years ago, one of the places that we hadn’t expected to enjoy as much as we did was Lava Hot Springs. it’s a little town in southern Idaho about an hour north of the Utah/Idaho border. we only allotted for an overnight stay, but we wished that we had booked two nights. it’s a charming little city that is popular with tourists and locals, with lots of things to do including river rafting, tubing, swimming, hot pools, the sunken garden, shopping, dining and hiking. it’s known for its world famous hot pools, that are filled with natural geothermic spring water. the hot springs also heat the amazing Olympic Swimming Complex. this is the entrance to the city, it’s got to be the coolest entrance to a city that i’ve seen. just look at those waterslides!
Fun Places to Visit in Idahosince we were traveling with a travel trailer in tow, we chose to stay at the Lava Hot Springs KOA. you don’t have to have a trailer or RV to stay there though, they also have cabins and tent camping options available. the Lava Hot Spring KOA was pretty amazing. this is the first time we’ve gotten to camp on the banks of a river with our trailer. it was so beautiful and peaceful to sit outside our trailer and watch the river run by and also the beautiful nature landscapes.

Lava Hot Springs Idaho KOANatural Hot Springs Rafting RiverIdaho KOA Campgroundsthe Lava Hot Springs KOA has been one of our favorite KOA’s yet. mostly because we felt that we were at one with nature, and the Portneuf river was so beautiful. there were fire pits to cook on, and trails to explore. the KOA owners were so sweet and friendly and were  happy to show us the best places to buy things and explore. Travel in IdahoCamping in Idahoi think it would be so fun to stay at one of the cabins if we didn’t have a travel trailer. but i am not really a tent camper…but there was a nice area for tent camping.

Idaho KOA cabinsBest Idaho CampgroundsKOA Campgrounds in Lava Hot SpringsNatural Hot Springs in the United StatesLava Hot Springs KOA campsites in Idahothe next day was all about exploring Lava Hot Springs. early that morning, we headed over to the Lava Hot Springs World Famous Hot Pools. we were told that the earlier you go the better. this is because the pools get hotter as the day goes on due to the sunshine. the water from the hot pools comes bubbling out of natural underground springs, the hot water is laden with minerals, but has no sulfur so it doesn’t stink like most hot spring. over 2.5 million gallons of hot water per day runs through the hot springs and are diverted into the Portneuf River keeping the springs ever changing and clean. the spring’s temperatures range from approximately 102˚ to 112˚ degrees, so the water is almost too hot for little kids. it was almost to hot for the hubby and me, but we still had a great time checking them out. since the hot springs are open all year long, they told us that it is really fun to come when snow is on the ground. like a hot tub in winter.
Lava Hot Springs IdahoBest Places to Visit in Idahothere were 4 large hot pools that included a newer cool pool with a temperature of 102º. this is the pool the boys spent the most time in. it was a fun learning experience teaching the boys how that water was warmed naturally underground.Lava Hot Springs in IdahoLava Hot Springs Hot PoolsPlaying in the Hot PoolsNatural Hot Springs Public Pools Natural Hot SpringsLava Hot Springs Baths in IdahoHot Pools in Idahoafter checking out the hot pools, we headed over to the Olympic Swimming Complex. the Olympic Swimming Complex is the only facility of its kind in the Intermountain West. all the water is heated!!!!  have you ever been on a waterslide that has heated water?!!!  the  Olympic Swimming Complex has indoor and outdoor pools, diving boards and platforms, waterslides, a natural hot water spa, and the new Portneuf Kiddie Cove. the is something fun for kids of all ages.

Lava Hot Springs Swimming PoolsLava Hot Springs Olympic Swimming ComplexFun Places to Visit in Lava Hot Springsthe Olympic Swimming Complex’s free form Olympic-size pool holds nearly a million gallons of warm, crystal clear water. the outdoor shallow end offers toys for younger swimmers and little slides. it was a pretty popular place, there were lots of people at the complex, most had blankets, umbrellas and picnics set up on the lawn. i only wish they had something like this where i am in Orange County!Lava Hot Springs Olympic Swimming Complex in IdahoIdaho Olympic PoolFamily Travel in Idahothere are some exhilarating waterslides that are fun for the whole family, including small slides for the kiddies. the speed slides’ six-story body flumes send riders screaming into the refreshing runout below. but beware, the 60 foot drop is not for the faint of heart! two curly tube slides are great for children, splashing them around and leaving them laughing as they splash into the shallow runout at the bottom.

Idaho Heated Water SlidesIdaho Olympic Pools Water SlidesFun Waterslides in Idahothen there are the diving platforms. they don’t have these at waterparks in California! it’s a thrill for those brave enough to leap from its 5, 7, and 10 meter heights. four springboards flank the platform tower making this a diver’s paradise. no one in our family was brave enough to try any of the platforms out, but it was pretty amazing watching those who were, dive off of them. and in case you were wondering, you have to sign a waiver in order to be allowed to dive off them.
Lava Hot Springs Water SlidesIdaho Waterslidesthe Olympic Swimming Complex has two indoor areas to enjoy as well, a large lap pool, and the Portneuf Kiddie Cove. my boys enjoyed playing in the cove once they had gotten a little too much sun. there were fun thinks to play with such as water features, slides, fountains and smaller pools.Lava Hot Springs Olympic PoolIdaho Recreation SpotsIdaho Olypic Swimming Complex Children's PoolsIdaho Olympic Swimming Complex Children's Poolsanother thing we did was visit the Sunken Gardens. they were pretty and fun to explore. i did take some photos, but for some reason i can’t find them. however, one thing we didn’t get to do in Lava Hot Springs was go tubing on the river. all over town you can find rafting tubes for rent. you can take them into the slow moving Portneuf river rapid and ride them for about 5 blocks. there are designated entry points to enter and exit, and once you float down the entire way, you can do it again until you a tired. we would have loved to try this, but time was short and we thought Vann, our youngest was too young. but next time we are in the area, we are going for sure! Lava Hot Springs Inner TubingNatural Hot Springs RaftingNatural Hot Springs Rafting in the United StatesIdaho Hot Spring AttractionsLava Hot Springs Tourist AttractionsLava Hot Springs River Rafting

we had the best time in Lava Hot Springs and we were sad to say goodbye. but there was still a lot of traveling ahead and adventure to be had. so back on the road we went on our way to Yellowstone.

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Family Road Trip to Salvation Mountain in the California

Trip to Salvation Mountainlast summer, during our visit to Palm Desert and the Indian Wells Resort & Spa, we took a day trip out to Salvation Mountain, which is pretty much in the middle of nowhere. i had been wanting to visit the Mountain for years, but since the drive is very out of the way, i hadn’t gotten the chance before. Salvation Mountain is a life-sized piece of artwork – made from adobe, straw, and thousands of gallons of lead-free paint. it is the masterpiece and vision of a local resident, Leonard Knight, who recently died in 2014. it encompasses numerous murals and areas painted with Christian sayings and Bible verses, though its philosophy was built around the Sinner’s Prayer. it is Leonard’s tribute to God.

Leonard Knight's Tribute to God

Salvation Mountain is located in the Colorado Desert, in Imperial County, California – several miles from the Salton Sea. i would say about an hour drive past Palm Desert or Coachella. it is a drive, and there isn’t much on the way besides and couple of restaurants (not sure if they were open), a Banana Museum, and a small town. there were not a lot of amenities, so if you plan on taking a visit to the mountain plan accordingly. you need to take water, food and have a full tank of gas. you really don’t want to be out there stranded as cell reception is also sketchy. this is what most of the drive looks like.

Information on Salvation Mountain

after an hour or so of driving, we finally made it to Salvation Mountain. the boys whining about the long car ride stopped as they looked at the area of Salvation Mountain in awe. it was such a cool sight. unlike anything we’ve ever seen. it doesn’t matter what religion you are, or whether you are religious or not, there is no denying that Salvation Mountain is a special and unique place. the colors, the patterns, the sculptures, the message, just make you feel happy.God Never Fails at Salvation MountainGod is LoveSalvation Mountain in Palm SpringsLeonard Knight's Salvation MountainLeonard Knight California Artistafter the initial awe of arriving to Salvation Mountain, we decided to make our way to the top to get a better look at the land and the surroundings. i would have to say this was a really special experience to have as a family.
Yellow Brick Road at Salvation Mountain in CaliforniaSalvation Mountain Leonard Knight's LegacySalvation Mountain FlowersYellow Brick Road at Salvation MountainClimbing up Salvation MountainExploring Salvation Mountain

from the top of Salvation Mountain this is the view. it’s pretty cool the contrast of the flat desert and the colorful mounds, trash sculptures and abandoned cars of Leonard Knight’s mountain.

View from Salvation MountainFrom the Top of Salvation Mountain Cross at the Top of Salvation MountainGod at Salvation Mountainnow let me tell you, we visited the mountain in the middle of summer. IT WAS HOT!!!!!!!!! so hot that my smartphone overheated for a while. i would say it was around 110º degrees f. that sun beat down on us, but we trekked on. this is why cold water is important to bring with you. during the winter, i have been told that it is much cooler and enjoyable. so it the heat is something you can not tolerate, take that into consideration.

the Folk Art Society of America has declared Salvation Mountain “a folk art site worthy of preservation and protection” in the year 2000. the boys and i were anxious to explore the entire mountain. there are lots of unique details around every corner. we spent and hour exploring , taking pictures and wondering through the caves. you feel like you are in the land of Dr. Suess. and every part of the mountain hold a new surprise.

Visiting Salvation MountainLeonard Knight ArtistDr. Suess Salvation MountainGod is Love at Salvation MountainThe Holy Bible at Salvation MountainSculptures at Salvation MountainSalvation Mountain in the California Desert if you look closely at at the details of Leonard’s artwork, you will find things like historic pictures in the walls and old books and journals. before you leave, don’t forget to sign the visitor book to let other know you have been there.Treasures at Salvation MountainCaves in Salvation MountainBible Room at Salvation MountainSigning the book at Salvation Mountainmany people in the area are concerned for the future of the site, which requires constant maintenance due to the harsh surrounding environment. many visitors bring paint to donate to the project, and a group of volunteers has been working to protect and maintain it. a public charity, Salvation Mountain, Inc., has been established to support the upkeep.

Jesus Loves YouSalvation Mountain Bible TruckSalvation Mountain TruckSalvation Mountain in CaliforniaPainted Adobe Mountainsteps beyond Salvation Mountain you will find the entrance into Slab City. you are welcome to drive into Slab City, but i suggest to use caution. i would not consider it a safe place as you never know who or what is out there…i wouldn’t suggest getting out of your car or having your children wonder around the area. Slab City is considered of-the-grid and gets it’s name from the concrete slabs that are left from the abandoned World War II Marine barracks of Camp Dunlap. people go there to escape modern society. many are destitute or don’t want to be found. it has been a place where fugitives and drug addicts have called home, and even a population of modern day hobos — known as “train kids”.

Slab City Welcome

everyone who lives on Slab City’s 640 acres are squatters on state-owned land. they don’t pay rent, and so it’s often referred to as “the last free place in America.” there is no electricity, no water and no sewer system. it’s also free from garbage pickup and the land is covered in trash. many campers use generators or solar panels to generate electricity. honestly, i don’t see how people survive out there. it was so hot when we went that i thought i would die.

we quickly drove through to get a peek, but that was it. the people there don’t want to be bothered. it was funky and decorated with trash and silly signs….even a space ship. it definitely was interesting. you can find out more about Slab City by searching online. there have been many documentaries made about it, all very interesting, and share the good and the bad about this make-shift city in the middle of nowhere.

Slab City EntranceSlab City Slab City Photos

we made our way home after our quick drive through Slab City. it sure was an adventure being able to visit Salvation Mountain and “the last free place in America” – Slab City. although visiting the mountain is an hour out of the way of Palm Desert, i would still recommend a visit at least once in your life. it’s a different kind of place, that leaves you will a different kind of feeling when you leave. it’s a place you will always remember visiting. i know that i will go back again someday…

Popsicle Blog at Salvation Mountain

Angela, my friend and blogger of Mommy Mania also visited Salvation Mountain on her $600 Road Trip, you can read about here adventure here. and then go on a take your own road trip!


Popsicle Blog Road Trip: Best Friends Animal Sanctuary

Best Friends Animal Sanctuaryit’s been a while since i’ve shared an adventure from our road trip last year, and with the holidays coming up, i thought this one would be a good. lots of people will be giving their kiddies pets for the holidays, which reminded me of our visit to the Best Friends Animal Sanctuary. we visited it while staying in Kanab, Utah on the first leg of our road trip. Best Friends Animal Sanctuary is located in Angel Canyon, and is the home to nearly 2,000 homeless animals. when you are thinking about getting a new pet, i can’t stress to you more that getting a pet from a shelter is the best thing you can do for an animal. these animal need you…and they are just the cutest. every day, more than 9,000 healthy and treatable dogs and kitties are killed in America’s shelters. but, there’s something all of us can do to help save those animals. Best Friend Animal Society has many shelters across the country, besides the Best Friends Animal Sanctuary, all having the mission to SAVE THEM ALL!

it’s funny the things kids remember most about family vacations and what their favorite parts are, and if you ask my kids their favorite thing they did on our road trip, they will say….going to the Best Friends Animal Sanctuary. they LOVE cats…and all animals for that matter, so i guess that is why they really enjoyed visiting the Sanctuary. i agree with them, it was a very inspirational, educational and fun place to visit when you travel through Kanab, Utah.

Best Friends Animal Sanctuary is just amazing! first of all, it is located in the picturesque mountains of Kanab flanked with red rocks and beautiful wildlife. as you drive in, you will see mountain scenes and barn structures that have been seen in in movies on the big screen.

Best Friends Animal Sanctuary Movies Set

there are also large fenced in areas for rescued horses, cows and other livestock. Best Friends Animal Sanctuary is enormous, when you arrive in the canyon, you immediately feel the peace and tranquility of a place where so many ancient peoples have gathered in centuries past, and where today, so many animals are loved and heal from their hard life journeys. the Sanctuary is home to dogs, cats, birds, rabbits, horses, pigs, goats, mules, sheep, burros and wildlife. the spacious area allows lot of room for animals to roam and heal.

Best Friends Animal Shelter KanabBest Friends Animal Sanctuary Kanab, Utah

when you arrive to the Sanctuary, you will park at the main lobby and then board a bus that will take you around the Sanctuary. the lobby area is beautiful, and there is a Wish Pond and a gift shop that proceeds go towards the Sanctuary.

Best Friends Animal Sanctuary Wishing PondBest Friends Animal Sanctuary LobbyBest Friends Animal Sanctuary Gift Shop

Take a Tour of Best Friends Animal Sanctuary

before you head over to the Sanctuary, be sure to check the website for tour times and event schedules. there are general tours, wild life tours, parrot garden tours and even a lunch tour where you can eat at Angel’s Village. a cafeteria at the Sanctuary that serves lunch….vegetarian of course. nearly 30,000 people visit the Sanctuary every year to meet the animals and tour what has become the nation’s largest no-kill sanctuary for companion animals. tours are FREE.

Best Friends Animal Shelter Tours

once our tour bus was ready, we loaded onto it and headed into the Sanctuary to check it out. first up was Dog Town.

Best Friends Animal Sanctuary Dog Town Headquarters

that’s where all the dogs live of course. there are different designated building for groups of dogs with different needs. there are buildings for dogs who are ready for adoptions, and building for dogs with special needs, rehabilitation buildings and areas for dogs to play and roam.

Best Friends Animal Sanctuary Dog Townwe even got to meet a few of the dogs and get demonstrations from the dog handlers and volunteers on how to train and take care of the dogs.
Playing with the Dogs at Best Friendsnext, we got back on the bus to continue our tour of the Sanctuary. it’s quite impressive and very beautiful and relaxing. it’s a place of peace which is a beautiful thing. we passed by rescued chickens, the parrot garden and piggy paradise.

Best Friends Animal Shelter ChickensBest Friends Animal Sanctuary Cat World Area

we also visited the Horse Haven and fed this guy some special food to help with his healing diet.

Best Friends Animal Shelter Horses

we also drove by Angels Rest, a final resting place for Sanctuary animals who crossed the Rainbow Bridge in the last few years, and cherished companions of Best Friends members and staff. Angels Rest and Angels Overlook are celebrations of the everlasting bond that we share with animals. it is one of the most peaceful and serene places that can be experienced. surrounded by the beauty of Angel Canyon, the musical sounds of wind chimes ring with the slightest breeze. each marker is evidence of the love we hold for our pets. a visit to Angels Rest stirs emotions and kindles memories of our past animal friends. visitors can pay their respects to past Sanctuary friends or walk the meditation labyrinth, designed by Best Friends co-founder Cyrus Mejia.

Best Friends Animal Sanctuary Cemetary Gates

Best Friends Animal Sanctuary Cemetary

finally, we got to visit Cat World, what the boys had been waiting for all day long. they just LOVE the kitties.

Best Friends Animal Sanctuary Cat World

here they got to play with the cats and learn about how they are cared for and how they are rehabilitated for adoption.

Best Friends Animal Shelter Cat HouseBest Friends Animal Sanctuary Cat World RoomsCats for AdoptionBest Friends Animal Shelter Kitty HouseCat World, like Dog Town, has many different buildings designated for different groups of cats with different needs. it was so heartwarming to see the boys pay loving attention to all the cats at the Sanctuary. they adore them.
Playing with the Animals at Best FriendsBest Animal Rescues in the Utah Best Animal Rescuesthey couldn’t get enough playtime with these kitties. but atlas, it was time to head back.

Best Animal Rescues in the US

Best Friends Pet Sanctuary is not just a pet shelter…it is so much more. it’s a haven for hundreds of animals nestled in between the red rocks of Grand Canyon, Bryce Canyon and Zion National Parks. i highly recommend a visit when you are in the area….lengthen your leash and experience for yourself the nature and nurture of the largest sanctuary of its kind in America. it’s a visit my kids and i will always remember. we now also want to SAVE THEM ALL and to find ways in our own community to help animals in need. we are so thankful to organizations like Best Friends Animal Society for there work with animals in need.

Best Friends Animal Sanctuary Utah

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Tips for Staying Hydrated On Your Summer Road Trip and Beyond

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Brita Filter Water Bottles for Travelthere are a few phrases parents DON’T want to hear from kids during long distance road trips….any kind of road trip for that matter. the dreaded, whiney voiced “are we there yet” “i have to go to the bathroom” and “i’m thirsty” are among the top ten statements you don’t want to hear along the way, especially when you still have hours of travel ahead of you. and although, it is really hard to not stop the car and let the kids out to use the restroom, you can definitely cut down on the “i’m thirsty” stops. you can do this by stocking up the car with water and drinks. but if your family is anything like ours, all those water bottles and drink pouches trash up the car quickly. i cringe every time that mini van door slides open and trash falls into the street. it’s like we’re a bunch of pigs. plus, a cluttered car can caused cluttered minds. kids get grumpy and the parents are frustrated because you can’t find anything in all that mess. on top of that, many times there is very little room left for extra snacks and drinks in the car when you have it packed it to the brim with all the other things you need for a vacation.

Best Road Trip Tips

that is why i have turned to Brita Filter Water Bottles to keep my family hydrated on our road trips. Brita Filter Water Bottles allows you to have filter water at your fingertips anywhere you go. that means no more plastic disposable bottles trashing up my car. everyone has their own bottle and is responsible for keeping it filled with water. these water bottles have a built-in filter that reduces particulates as well as the taste and odor of chlorine, often found in tap water. so you can fill them up at any drinking fountain or water faucet you come across while on your travels. now we can enjoy great-tasting water anywhere, plus we are SAVING MONEY!!!!

Brita Filter Water Bottles Filters

bottled water can get expensive on trips, especially when you are buying it at overly priced tourist traps. just fill the squeezable Brita Sport Water Filter Bottles, screw on the cap, pull up the nozzle and hydrate with cleaner water for pennies per gallon. they are BPA-free and dishwasher safe on the top rack, making cleaning easy. you only need to change the water filter every 40 gallons or about every 2 months. so you will only need about two filters for the entire summer.

Brita Sport Water Bottles FiltersBest Filtered Water Bottles

on our road trips, we tend to make lots of stops along the way to our destinations. we love explore and find unique experiences along the way. whether it be a hiking trail, discovering a historical monument or visiting a museum. having our Brita Filter Water Bottles by our sides makes keeping hydrated super easy.

Best Travel Water Bottles

 it’s great that we can fill them up at drinking fountain found at a rest stop or any of the places we may have traveled to. so that instead of having to find a store or gas station that carries bottled water or filling up on sugary drinks we can spend our time enjoying stops like this….Best Road Trips for Familiesor hiking on trails like this….Easy Road Trip Ideas for Families

or views like this.Yosemite Painted Pots

people always ask me for tips on how to make road trips easier with kids.

well, this is one of those tips. save money, cut down on extra stops and have great tasting water at you fingertips every mile of the way by using a water bottle with a built-in filter such as Brita Sport Water Filter Bottles.

i found my Brita Water Filter Bottles in the hardware section of my local Walmart. there are a variety of colors and styles to choose from such as the soft-side sport bottle for under $10 and the hard-sided water bottles for under $20. summer is here, so start planning that road trip.

Brita Filter Water Bottles #BritaOnTheGo