My Pink and Gold Baby Shower

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in early December, my friends and sisters threw me the most beautiful baby shower. when they found out that i was expecting, a bunch of them offered to help give me a baby shower! pretty much all my friends are done having kids, so everyone was pretty excited that we would have a baby to hold and play with now. they were even more exciting when they found out i was having a girl. that meant everything at the baby shower could be PINK!!!

i never could have imagined how beautiful my baby shower could end up being. the theme was vintage pink, gold, and totally girly. i really do have the most wonderful friends and family. they created my dream baby shower and i felt like they beyond spoiled me. i don’t know what i did to deserve a party so nice, but i am so thankful for all that they did for me and the baby. when i arrived at the shower, i couldn’t believe how pretty everything was.

Pink and Gold Baby ShowerPink and Gold Baby Showerand they made sure to serve all my favorite foods. pastries, capris salad, crepes and parfaits. it all was pretty

i love all the details they added, like the mason jar party favors with gold glitter bottoms and these cute water bottles with custom wrappers.

here are some of my dearest friends who hosted the shower. they have also cheered me on during my entire pregnancy.

and here are my sweet sisters. the sister on the left, Michelle, just had a baby boy after having three girls. the opposite of me having the 3 boys and then a girl. and then my other sister Amy has twins, a boy and girl, and then another little girl.

here are a couple photos of some of my close friends also attended the baby shower. 

during the baby shower, we ate food, play games and opened gifts. of course, i received the pinkest, most adorable clothes and dresses for the baby. more pink than has ever been in my home before. everyone spoiled me and the baby. not only did i receive cute clothes, but also handmade blankets and booties from my grandma, baby essential items, and even a baby food maker! baby gear has changed so much since i had my last baby seven years ago. this is going to be so fun.

Great Baby Shower Gifts for Mom and Baby’s First Days

i wanted share in more detail some of the gifts that i received at the baby shower that have been very useful during my hospital stay and the baby’s first days. such as these Carter’s baby gowns. they make diaper changes easy since you don’t have to unbutton snaps or undo zippers to change baby. and did you know that the trick to getting baby dressed in the gowns is to pull them up from the feet instead of over the head. the lapped shoulders make it easy to dress them this way. i also love this cute robe i received. sometimes you just want to feel a little pretty while you have visitors in the hospital or when you just get home. the one i received is from Milkmaid Goods. it’s a great length, has a cute print and is super soft. i also got a matching baby swaddle so the baby and i can match! plus, every breastfeeding mom can use some Lansinoh HPA Lanolin. it’s something that many moms forget to stock up on before the baby comes, but you end up really needing it. it’s great for soothing sore or cracked nipples in those first few weeks of breastfeeding and beyond. 

this time around being pregnant, the one thing i really wanted, was a very nice carseat and stroller system. for all my other pregnancies i wasn’t picky about what i got, but this time i wanted something safe, stylish, and easy to use. after visiting lots of stores and baby fairs, the hubby and i decided that we wanted to get the UPPAbaby Mesa carseat and the UPPAbaby Vista stroller. i was gifted the set, which was just amazing. and they haven’t disappointed! the car seat installed in minutes, and is easy to get in and out of the car. it has buttons that easily adjust the straps to fit baby and install properly in the car. the Vista stroller has been amazing because you can use its frame with the car seat, the bassinet or the stroller seat. plus it has a huge storage basket underneath and an adjustable handle that extends for tall people like my husband and i. 

other favorites i received and have been getting great use out of are the Chicco Car Mirror, baby closet organizers and Joovy Silinoogie pacifiers. i had brought a bunch of pacifiers to the hospital to see which the baby would like best, and the Silinoogie was a hit. it actually has been the best pacifier i have used on all my babies. it’s the first one that the baby has kept in its mouth without assistance. its been so nice…and to my surprise, the clear ones glow in the dark. makes it easier to find at night.finally, as mom of now 4 kids, i was absolutely thrilled to receive a few Scholarshare Gift Certificates.  now, more than ever, i’ve been thinking about my kids future. saving for college is a necessity, and i want my children to have every opportunity available to them. attending college without worrying about debt is a priceless gift. family members and friends were able to purchase Scholarshare gift certificates in any dollar amount for the baby, which i then was able to deposit into her savings account. they were beyond appreciated since i did receive a lot of the baby necessities. i am grateful to have started the baby’s college account early….every little bit helps. i wish i had started my other boys 529 College Savings plans at birth. i definitely know better with this baby.  note: Scholarshare gift certificates can be purchased online or at Toys ‘R’ Us & Babies ‘R’ Us stores. (p.s. you don’t need to be a California resident to sign-up. This college saver account is available nationwide.)a baby shower isn’t complete without cake, and my friend Jenn made the cutest little cake fit for a princess. swirly pink and yummy inside. it made the perfect ending of the perfect baby shower. check out the cake table….i die! the vintage floral banner and baby clothes are too cute.

my friends and family sure know how to make a girl feel loved and special. i never dreamed of a more perfect baby shower and it was even more special to enjoy it with the ones i love. i’m very thankful to everyone who helped and attended. the baby and i are blessed to have you in our lives.Cute Pink Baby Shower

Getting Ready for the Holidays

Tracking Pixelbeautiful-christmas-home

this year, the holiday season has been very different for our family, we’ve had to get all the shopping and decorating done extra early because our baby girl will be arriving in the beginning of the new year. and not only do we need to get everything ready for Christmas and the baby, but we also have to get our house ready to sell. we are busting out of the seams over here. we’ve tried to make our small three bedroom work, but have ultimately made the decision to find a bigger home to continue our lives in. with that comes a lot of home repairs and beautification, so i have partnered with Schlage® to share some of the things our family has done to get ready for this time in our lives.

we are expecting that a lot of visitors will be coming to our home soon, so i really wanted get the house looking nice for Christmas, and then ultimately ready to show when we sell it. the thing that’s always bugged me about our home are the doors and door knobs. but we never got around to changing them out. i hate these flat panel doors and these cheap looking antique gold door knobs. they look old and dated, and don’t match my style at all.



so last weekend, after 13 years, we finally changed out all the doors and door knobs. WOW….what a big difference it made. now i have pretty 6-panel doors and Sacramento levers by Schlage® in polished nickel. i couldn’t be happier. just this small change has made my home look updated and fresh. i really wish i had made the change sooner.


changing out the doors and door knobs was the finishing touch to getting our home decorated for the holidays. and i am in love! my home feels warm and cozy and full of festive cheer. and the Schlage® door hardware was the perfect finishing touch to complete our home’s look, and was a low-investment with high-impact project that was done in just a day.

trendy-door-knob-styleschristmas-mantlechristmas-mantle-ideaspretty-christmas-treesanta-christmas-ornamentchristmas-presentspretty-christmas-ornamentsmy little elf especially loves the Christmas decor and new doors!upgrade-your-home-with-door-knobseasy-christmas-decorating-ideasour family has so much to be excited for this year. before we know it, the holidays will be here and we will have a new little one to cuddle and coo over. we will also have to say goodbye to our lovely home, but i am sure that our next will be filled with fabulous memories before we know it….and hopefully pretty doors and door knobs as well!

finally, i wanted to mention that with Schlage®, you can find hundreds of different door hardware finish choices and style combinations to meet your own style needs.


whether you love Farmhouse & Country Chic with its dark-toned wood, lighter wood finishes and softer color schemes – where you can incorporate Industrial style products, particularly in light fixtures and exposed plumbing. or Mid-Century Modern style, with the trend of using modern blues, grays, and black. or even the Hollywood Regency style, with the recent rise of geometric designs seen in light fixtures, small furniture and accent pieces. there is a style that you will fall in love with. when it comes to beautifying your home. it’s all in the details. Schlage has recently launched a campaign called “Open Possibilities,” that brings door hardware to the forefront – as an accessory that can complete or enhance the look of any room.  Schlage® will open the possibilities to a whole new world of door decor.

are you ready to make this easy upgrade and change out your knobs? Schlage products are available online at and, as well as in retail locations including Home Depot and Lowe’s. to learn more about Schlage and its product offering, visit or you can join the conversation online: Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and Pinterest.

pretty-door-knobsThis is a sponsored post written by me on behalf of Schlage®.

10 Baby Shower Gifts Moms Will Love

10 Baby Shower Gifts Moms Will Love

with a fourth baby on the way, i often get asked what items i would recommend getting a new mom for her new arrival. since my youngest is six, it’s been a LONG time since i bought anything for a baby. in fact, i mostly used items i already had on -hand for my last two children, so its practically been fourteen years since i looked at baby gear. there are so many new and amazing baby products out there….so many things you can buy a baby – from clothes to strollers. so i wanted to come up with a list of items that might be a little extra special for a mom to receive at a baby shower – things that she might not buy herself. so i partnered with ScholarShare to create this list of 10 Baby Shower Gifts Moms Will Love!

i think all of these items are pretty neat! i didn’t have them with any of my other babies because they either weren’t available yet, or they weren’t necessities. but sometimes its fun to get things that you wouldn’t always splurge on. let me share them with you.10 Baby Shower Gifts Moms Will Love


10 Baby Shower Gifts Moms Will Love

my number 1 on the list….
1) Scholarshare Gift Certificate – more than ever, i’ve been thinking about my kids future. now that i will have four children to care for, saving for college is going to be a necessity. i want my children to have every opportunity available to them. attending college without worrying about debt would be a wonderful gift to each of them. family members and friends can purchase Scholarshare gift certificates in any dollar amount for the baby. this would be one of the most appreciated gifts, especially since they will probably already receive a lot of the baby necessities. why not get their college accounts started early….every little bit helps. i wish i had started my other boys 529 College Savings plans at birth. i definitely know better with this baby.  (p.s. you don’t need to be a California resident to sign-up. This college saver account is available nationwide.)

and then there are also these great gifts.

2) Mommy Teething Necklace – i love chunky jewelry, and these teething necklaces would be perfect for a mama to wear when she has a baby who is going to try and grab her jewelry and suck on it. these necklaces are made with silicone and natural wood beads that are teething and baby-friendly!

3) Joovy Boob bottles – i recently fell in love with the Boob bottles. they come in PPSU (Polyphenylsulphone), PP (Polypropylene) and glass! i am especially excited about the glass ones…they have a optional silicone sleeve you can pair with them to prevent breaks. Boobs are BPS, BPA, phthalate and lead free and offer the safe delivery of formula or milk.  The new nipple design has a CleanFlow® Vent System, and they have an ergonomic shape that fits nicely in your hand.

4) Jujube Diaper Bag – i’ve never had a fancy diaper bag before…and this time around, i am going to go for it. i recently learned about the JuJube bags, and i think one would make the perfect diaper bag. they are stylish, have lots of great colors and features, have a compartment for you to keep your phone and money, plus they are durable and easy to clean. everything you would want in a diaper bag.

5) Joovy New Nook Highchair – this is a fantastic highchair made by Joovy. it features a large swing-open tray that can operates using only one-hand motion…two hands are not needed! plus, you don’t have to line up cumbersome rails. there is no need to remove dishes from the tray before taking the child out of the chair – simply swing the tray open, unbuckle your child.

6) Honest Diapers – OMG!!! i just love the patterns. all my other kids just got plain white diapers, but i am excited to splurge on some of these cuties this time around.

7) Mist Wipe Warmer – i know many people think a wipe warmer is totally unnecessary, but i did have one with all my babies and loved it. super convenient to use, especially on newborns because the wipes are warm and not cold. anything to keep a baby calm and happy. right!

8) Milkmaid Goods Nursing Poncho – i’ve always used a blanket if i needed to cover-up while nursing. but i just love these nursing ponchos from Milkmaid Goods. the prints are super cute and stylish, and you can also use them as a blanket, or a carseat/shopping cart cover. psst…they also have the most adorable baby swaddle sets.

9) Playtex Diaper Genie Complete – never had a Diaper Genie or any kind of fancy diaper pail, but i heard they are awesome. this one comes in pink!

10) Freshly Picked Moccasins –these little leather baby and toddler shoes became all the rage just after my youngest was too big for them, so i am so excited to get a couple pairs for the baby. they are great because they stay on baby feet and you don’t have to worry about ties and buckles.

and there you have it – 10 Baby Shower Gifts Moms Will Love! i’m sure any of these baby items would make any mom feel special to receive. i can not wait for my little one to arrive in just a few months. i just love babies…and their gear is just so darn cute too.


{Disclosure: This is a sponsored post. All thoughts and opinions are 100% my own.}

Help Kids with Back to School Shopping at JcPenney

JcPenny_Boys_Clothingas you know, i love kids fashion. i find it so fun to dress my boys in hip and colorful styles. it is also back-to-school time, and that means it is time to update the boys wardrobes for the fall school year. so, in collaboration with JCPenney, i’m talking about some fun styles i got my boys for back-to-school.

when it comes to dressing my boys, color and fit are the first thing i look for. they love to wear the latest fashions and have brightly color coordinated outfits. they have to wear uniforms to school, which aren’t very exciting, but they still need clothes to wear after school and on the weekends. clothing that is not boring like their school uniforms.


this year we shopped at JcPenney because, by buying Arizona brand jeans there, we are helping a great cause. something that is important to me…giving back to others. this back-to-school season, JCPenney wants to help ensure all kids head back-to-school confident and prepared by offering all of the basics they need to start the school year right. in support of this mission, JCPenney is excited to announce its national partnership with the YMCA.

now through September 2nd, JcPenney will be donating a $1 per pair of kids and adult Arizona Jeans to the YMCA. they have lot of great styles and fits for the whole family. i was really impressed to find so many styles. my boys are very slim and picky about their jeans being too baggy. i was able to find a style that fit each of them! they have anything from skinny jeans, to straight legged, to baggy and colorful chinos.


plus, JcPenney is one-stop shopping for the whole family. i was able to find awesome outfits for all my boys that made them and myself happy. check out some of the cuteness we found. everything we ended up purchasing was the Arizona Jeans brand…..from the shirt, to the jackets, to the shorts, to the jeans. even my teenager was happy!

JcPenny_Skater_Boys_FashionBoys_Camping_FashionArizona_Jeans_couponThe Parkin Boyswe are so happy that just by buying back-to-school clothes, we were able to help kids in our very own community and beyond. plus, all the clothing was very affordable. so we got a great value for our money….which included a bunch of happy boys.

How You Can Join in this Great Cause

head over to your local JcPenney and purchase a pair of Arizona Jeans for back-to-school. JCPenney will donate $1 for each pair of Arizona Jeans sold to support the Y’s academic achievement programs and help all kids get ready for back to school.

How You Can Save 
there are special JCPenney’s Penney Saturdays and Fridays for great deals on the latest trends for BTS every week. you will find $13 Arizona kids jeans and $17 Arizona jeans deal for this week’s Penney Saturday.  also, JCPenney has an additional 15% off coupon for customers using Pokemon Go who verbally tell an associate or show an associate in-app their favorite character.

the money raised from the Arizona Jeans, will go directly to the YMCA.  JCPenney believes in supporting moms and her kids, and through the partnership with the YMCA, JcPenney will be able to amplify its impact in the community through grants and donations, volunteerism, events and shared expertise. we are so happy to be supporting a great cause.


{This is a sponsored post. All thoughts and opinions are 100% my own. }

Our Dad Loves His JORD Wood Watch

Chad Parkin Wearing a Jord Watchone of the best gifts that we have gotten our dad…my husband for Father’s Day, was this JORD Wood Watch. we gave him it as his gift last year and he wears it all the time. it perfectly defines our lifestyle living here in Orange County. he loves that is is made from wood and has that rustic feel, yet it still has the look of luxury. if i had to pick a watch that deskills my husband, it would be a JORD wood watch.

Jord Wood Watches for Men and Women
JORD has some of the coolest wooden watches around. there are lots of styles and color choices – different bevel styles, different face colors, different movements and the wood choices are so cool. they have watches made from ebony, Koa, saddlewood, zebra wood, rosewood, maple and bamboo. you can even get sapphire glass which is amazingly clear and durable.
Jord Watches-Best Wood Watches for Men
JORD focuses on creating timepieces that are modeled after a modern lifestyle. these watches truly are pieces of art. JORD values sustainability, efficiency, and experiential living. their watches are for people who don’t just have somewhere to be, they have somewhere to go.

i love when my husband wear his JORD watch…and he always gets a lot of compliments whenever he wears it. my next mission is to get one for myself….because not only does JORD had awesome wood watches for men, but they also have them for women. and they are beautiful.

Best Wood Watches for Men

this Father’s Day, i highly recommend getting dad a JORD watch. check out some of the great luxury styles you have to choose from. and there are many more, so head over to the JORD website and check them out! there is still time to get one for dad before the big day.Good Quality Wood Watches for Men and Women

{disclosure: This is not a sponsored post. I did receive a watch to review. all thoughts and opinions are 100% my own.}